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Hi there! I am a student nurse set to graduate in May 2013. I am quite interested in Peace Corps and would love to find people on here to ask about their experience.

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  1. The most recent posts I've found are a few years old (I might've missed some recent ones?) So I decided to just start my own thread and see if I have any luck! I am a newly BSN graduated nurse, moving to Gainesville from Chicago. I am very interested in working in this hospital. I think if I have to volunteer there for awhile to get a job I will! If that's necessary? I'd like to know everything and anything you don't mind sharing about Shands in Gainesville. Particularly, are they still hiring new graduates? Are most nurses UF alumni? (I am sort of worried about this). Who is best to speak to in regards to applying to this hospital? Any good ways to network that anyone can recommend? As a new grad, is it best to start out in med surge here? How has your experience as far as managers, benefits, and career improvement gone? What is your favorite or least favorite thing about working here? Have you left for some reason? Thank you for any and all advice/ commentary! I truly know nothing about Gainesville or Shands yet, and want to try to learn as much as I can. Megan
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    Indian Reservation Nursing

    Hi Rohan8, I was just perusing the site and came upon your post! I still have about a year of nursing school left, but I have recently contacted a nursing recruiter for IHS and also for the commissioned corps. I'd have to do more research but I am really, really interested in working at one of the reservations. The recruiter (Naomi) mentioned that Tuba City was a good place to start applying as a new grad. I currently live in Chicago. Do you have any advice? Thanks so much, Megan