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  1. hi! im taking the test in dec, can u please email it to men too? thank you....

  2. I will probably be getting a subclass 457 visa as his de facto partner. T:specs:hank your for the reply...will browse through the threads to learn more
  3. I need an advise, I am an RN here in nj working for a nursing home. I really love my job but my boyfriend of six years got denied twice to come here so we can get married. He now has a job offer in melbourne, australia and I am thinking about relocating there so we can finally settle down. Can you please advise me about how long the license processing is and on my chances of getting a visa to work there. I am worried I may not be able to continue working. Can you recommend hospitals or nursing homes where i can work? I have three years of long term care experience. I am also considering working in the hospital to enrich my nursing experience. Is there a big difference in the pay rate between nursing home and the hospital? I am eager to hear from you all. Thanks