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  1. CaringGerinurse525

    Calling in for no sleep

    I work 12s 3p-3a. I often get home around 4am and go to sleep and my 2 year old is up between 6-7am. I am then up again until 4am the next day. Rinse and repeat. I don't recommend going on that little sleep but it works for us so he doesn't go to daycare. I would love to "only" get 5 hours of sleep!! That's more than I get in 48 hours sometimes!! If you do call off I def. wouldn't say it's because you're tired!
  2. CaringGerinurse525

    LTC's are a joke

    Our facility does not have a two hour time period to give meds. We now have AM, Midday, PM, and HS meds. This makes giving the meds more manageable. AM is 7-10:30 (hour before and hour after), Midday is 12-2:30 (hour before and hour after), PM 3-6 (hour before and hour after), HS 6-10:30 (hour before and hour after).
  3. CaringGerinurse525

    How to File a Complaint against BON

    Oh and what was your question? Did you try asking on here? A lot of the nurses here are very knowledgable and helpful!
  4. CaringGerinurse525

    How to File a Complaint against BON

    I don't think I'd put my hat in that ring. I def wouldn't for rudeness. It happens. I would move on from it. Why would you put a target on your back?
  5. CaringGerinurse525

    On Call

    Our shifts are 3a-3p and 3p-3a. We are required to have four call days in a six week period. One of the call days must be a weekend day. The call days we picked stay our call days and don't change. We are paid $40 for the day if not called in. We don't cover holes in schedule, only call offs. Time and a half if called in to work. I think our system works because we can schedule our days accordingly to avoid long stretches. Maybe bring it up to management about having set call days so it isn't every week?
  6. CaringGerinurse525

    Does this sound feasible?

    That sounds complicated and a waste. Can't you do an Lpn to rn bachelor degree?
  7. CaringGerinurse525

    Nursing documentation help

    Resident continues on post-fall assessment without incident. Denies pain/discomfort at this time. No new areas of bruising noted. VSS. Neuro-checks Wnl. Will continue to observe. Short and sweet is the key. Give enough information to show you are assessing the patient.
  8. CaringGerinurse525

    Wound care opinions (apologize for length!)

    Thanks for this info! I will pass it along! Unfortunately the wound dr the facility has hired is very particular and will only speak to Adon about treatments. We are not even allowed to call him. That is why I tried to speak with Adon about suggestions. I have brought DON into the situation so hoping we can get better care to resident! Thanks for everyone's help!
  9. CaringGerinurse525

    Wound care opinions (apologize for length!)

    Unfortunately resident is only alert and oriented to self. Very pleasant but also wants to be done and says he's ready to go. Family has all the say and are controlling the therapy.
  10. CaringGerinurse525

    Wound care opinions (apologize for length!)

    The previous tx nurse is the other fulltime nurse on my hall on days off. She's a certified wound nurse and has been for 20 some years so usually we go by what she says. For some reason the new ADON thinks we have to follow the wound Drs order without asking for something else when it isn't working. The resident was just diagnosed with CHF but is also being tested for Pemphigoid (waiting on biopsy result). Resident is on lasix and NAS diet. Open area on legs are ptw only through the dermis. They just aren't healing due to excess weeping. Therapy is actually on board with keeping resident in bed (when they don't have him) but we aren't being allowed to care plan this so we can only control when we are working. We did get Adon to order exudry so hoping that helps! To
  11. CaringGerinurse525

    Wound care opinions (apologize for length!)

    Bump would really like some input!
  12. CaringGerinurse525

    Wound care opinions (apologize for length!)

    I currently have a resident that was admitted to our facility with the understanding he would be hospice care soon. The first few days he was rarely out of bed. The POA had a change of heart and asked for resident to begin therapy. :/ Resident began getting out of bed and attending three hours of therapy a day. Developed large water blisters on legs. Wound doctor was consulted and came in and removed water blisters leaving open areas that cover most of the one leg and foot. Order is to cleanse, cover with non-adherent foam, abds, and wrap with kerlix. The problem is resident is soaking through the dressings every 1-2 hours. Being LTC resident is frequently out of bed and out of room esp with therapy. Skin is white and macerated despite frequent dressing changes, and barrier cream to intact skin. We have a differing opinions right now on proper treatment. I and the previous wound nurse (still employed at facility but they did away with Tx nurse to save money) believe that resident should be in bed with exception of meals and therapy until some of edema resolves as more areas are developing. We also believe leg should be open to air with exception of adaptic placed on open areas to preserve the intact skin and keep area from being saturated. I did this my last night on and notified house dr and area looked so much better by morning. We also think the open areas should have adaptic placed on before the foam when being dressed. ADON who took over wound rounding with doctor believes we should follow dr order as is and refuses to discuss changes as tx is not working. House doctor refuses to be involved and we are unable to contact wound doctor. He comes in day shift weekly and adon will not contact him. ADON said area will not stay dry if open to air? I tried to explain area isn't staying dry with current tx and instead is becoming macerated. Sorry so long! I would love to hear what others think of the current treatment and who is right in this situation. Also open to other suggestions! Thanks!
  13. CaringGerinurse525

    Mandatory flu vaccines

    Every "adverse reaction" you had is normal although can be rare. Fever, redness or swelling to injection site, hard lump under skin are all known reactions that are not life threatening. It does not necessarily mean you reacted to the flu vaccine itself. Technique used by the person administering the shot can play a role in it. I've had the same reaction before and get the flu shot every year without problems. If you do not get the vaccine, it is completely fair of your employer to require you to wear a mask.
  14. I think there was more to the story. There was a thread about this situation before and the other students in her classes stated she was one to stir up trouble. Obviously we don't know anything but what they tell us. I find it odd that more students wouldn't come forward if this was really their teachings at the school.
  15. CaringGerinurse525

    LPN who does not want to be an RN?

    I really enjoy geriatrics (hence the screen name). Rns in my building (ltc) are generally supervisors and not floor nurses. I prefer to work closer with the residents. I honestly enjoyed being a cna but wanted more knowledge and better wages. I make more than what RNs at the hospital make and I have no desire to get my RN at this time. In the future, I will probably go back but only because my work will pay 75% of my schooling.
  16. CaringGerinurse525

    Class/es and a Newborn...?

    I personally wouldn't take those classes in the fall with a newborn. Maybe an online class would be okay. I take longer to adjust to things though so it took my husband and I awhile to get into a groove with my son. He's 14 months old now and sometimes I'm just really starting to feel like a mommy. A lot of the first months were spent just trying to survive! He did not sleep for the first seven months of his life unless he was being held or rocked to sleep. I was paranoid and wouldn't let him sleep in the bed with us because I was afraid to roll on him. So I would breastfeed and then get him to sleep and put him in the bassinet and got about 20 min naps before he was up all over again. I can't imagine if I had school work on top of that! I know some people that have done it though. Good luck! Enjoy that bundle of joy because it really does go too fast! I had post-partum anxiety that really affected my adjustment as well.