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nursingilove has 3 years experience and specializes in Med surg.

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  1. nursingilove

    Disappointed in nursing

    Thank you for your replies each of them make sense. I guess I have to grow and explore my options. Thanks again:)
  2. nursingilove

    Disappointed in nursing

    I've been a med/surg nurse for three years and I can't believe how caddy and back stabbing nursing can be. I know all about nurses eating their young but this is about mentoring and support then back stabbing. Makes me want to use my degree to do something else:(.
  3. nursingilove

    JCAHO Requirement

    We have to have them for each patient.
  4. nursingilove

    LTAC experience.....?

    We'll just had my year evaluation and doing well in our LTAC. I have learned so much and am still learning every shift I work! I've decided to go for my CCRN to Pursue a specialty. Great place to learn and grow.
  5. nursingilove

    class orientation

    thank you for the link! This is my first RN position. Good luck with everything.
  6. nursingilove

    class orientation

    Yes almost too soon, hehe Can I ask what kind of drips you are studying? I don't think I'll need that where I'm going to be, but it never hurts to know. I would like a sample print up of a day on the floor, I think this is where I get confused, my instructors always told me your very organized and can prioritze but I feel the complete opposite. I was like "who me?" we are in for one crazy ride!
  7. nursingilove

    class orientation

    I'm excited/scared to death lol as well. No there is no pre-employment test, but I heard there is a med test while in orientation and i'm not sure what other kind of test??? maybe a strip test(tele)?
  8. nursingilove

    Can someone help me with this...

    do they still use grains? they didn't teach us that
  9. nursingilove

    class orientation

    What kind of test can we look forward to during orientation? What will orientation be like? Is it something that we can be omitted and let go for before we even get started???
  10. nursingilove

    Am I the only one?!

    like my old boss says "be a duck". I believe things happen for a reason and I'm happy to hear your going to "clean off your shoe", lol. Now at least when you interview next if you get that vibe you know to steer clear! Good Luck with your hunt, something will come your way;)
  11. nursingilove

    just started the adn program at san jacinto, need advice!

    Also as you get through your first semester/term keep your paperwork organized because I can't tell you how many times I had to shuffle through material to look something up!!! You may need to reference something especially Fundamentals. Good Luck and your going to be wonderful:):yelclap:
  12. nursingilove

    Brain sheets/report sheets are gear too!

    there's no attachments.
  13. nursingilove

    just started the adn program at san jacinto, need advice!

    Keep a study schedule, try to stay organized. Find your nitch that helps you remember the info. Look up mnemonics. Most importantly take breaks. Do not wait until the test week to study its way too much info. Start going over what you covered already. I'm assuming you started fundamentals?
  14. nursingilove

    Which book to study for nclex rn

  15. nursingilove

    Working together to pass!!!

    There are many nclex review attachments on this site, look around. Kaplan is an excellent source. You follow the plan and you can't go wrong! It's all about answering the questions. Why you got it right and why you got it wrong. Review content, lab values and classifications of drugs. You made it through nursing school so you know your content. I can't stress enough about answering questions. I mean thousands! And don't forget the rationales! I believe if you just do Kaplan you WILL not need anything else. I hope this clarifies something for you.
  16. nursingilove

    Nobody told me that after graduation...

    Try prisons, dialysis like davita hire new grads. I'm sorry about your situation but I come from an adn program and our class are finding jobs.