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  1. adclay

    Nurse bringing child to work

    Currently working at a hospital that seems to run by some odd rules and one that I am having an issue with is that there is a nurse that is bringing her 11 year old son to work (6p-6a) and he is staying the whole shift. He is staying in a patient room but is in and out the whole night at the nurses station, break room, etc. and she is also back and forth from his room. Am I being too old school by having a problem with this? What happens when we have a code and he is wandering around? Just thought I would reach out and see if anyone has any thoughts on this. Thanks
  2. adclay

    Blood glucose and insulin

    The overnight drops is what is prompting me to look into writing a policy because it is a problem.The wall I am hitting is some nurses and techs telling me well it's not written anywhere and I want them to understand they will be held accountable. The education portion is ongoing it just seems some people are harder to get through than others.
  3. adclay

    Blood glucose and insulin

    Thanks for the response I appreciate it. We have a lot of new nurses and the problem I'm running into is the techs are taking blood sugars right after the patient eats dinner and nurses are covering that value up to four and a half hours later.
  4. adclay

    Blood glucose and insulin

    Just wanted to to see if any hospitals or facilities that everyone works at have policies about how old a blood glucose reading can be to give insulin. Does the reading need to be no more than say an hour before or is there no difference where you work? Trying to find information to put together a policy for the techs taking glucose on patients and time frames . I appreciate any help you can offer.