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  1. smhs

    Pros and Cons of working for a "union"...

    How do you identify whether a hospital is "unionized" or not? I tried to look on their websites, but some of them don't state it... Also, where do you get information about the union and their members for a specific hospital?
  2. smhs

    Pros and Cons of working for a "union"...

    Great information!!! Thank you so much!! Now I have a better understanding of the difference between the two (union vs non-union)! :)
  3. smhs

    Pros and Cons of working for a "union"...

    Thank you for the information... but can you give me a more detailed information on what a "union" does and how they actually "protect us"?
  4. I heard many great things about working for a Union, but don't really understand the specifics...and I have yet to hear anything bad but I'm pretty sure there are some cons... I am a new graduate RN and have never worked for a union before so any advice about this that I should watch out for??
  5. Several of my school friends who already have jobs have been warning me about this... I'd love to hear your thoughts...
  6. smhs

    I got a job!!!! BOO-YOW!

    wow~!!! these are some very good tips...I will definitely give it a try and post my success Thank you everyone!! times like this when I'm so glad I chose this profession...:loveya:
  7. smhs

    no hope for nurses without experience??

    no matter how much i want to deny it...I think experience really matters...many of my friends with just their ADN got job right out of the program because they had nurse tech or CNA experience...whereas many of my friends with their BSN and no experience are currently unemployed....so this shows that yes experience does matter...but how much?? New grads have to gain experience somehow but if no one is willing to offer this to us, how can we take off the "new grad" tag?? its very frustrating and depressing... Many of the hospitals in WA offer residency to new grads with or without experience...so you are competing with those who do have experience even if they dont have their BSN...the result: "no job for those without experience" I continued straight to the BSN program right after ADN program instead of finding a job becuase I am a strong believer in higher education...I wanted to go through one more year of education to gain the best knowledge possible for my patients...but it seems like this might have been a bad move in this economy...many of my peers in the BSN program also feel this way...
  8. I am planning to go for my masters few years down the road so that's why I was asking...I am graduating with my BSN this June and need to gain experience as an RN, but still struggling to find a job...I don't know if there's something wrong with my resume and cover letter...my professors say its perfect, but I have no idea why I'm not getting offers or interviews...really depressing I guess that's why I want to know what I should watch out for when I do get an interview...I definitely wouldn't want to make a silly mistake...
  9. Thanks everyone...I"m so glad to hear that everyone is on the same page as me!! I was so confused when my friend told me this but now I'm pretty sure she meant, "don't over do it...don't sound arrogant like a know-it-all"... I did have an experience at a homehealth; however, that one of the reasons i didnt' get the job was because they thought I was "too motivated to teach"....I guess in this kind of setting it is understandable since the patient and family usually know exactly the type of care they want...but what I meant and how I said it was different...I wanted to let them know that I am the type of person to do my research and educate myself if I don't know something in order to better serve the patients' needs...this is because I believe nurses play a key role in providing the right information and resources for their patients...BUT I guess my words didn't come off this way for some reason... Besides all of this...what does go under the category of "do not mention at interviews"? What type of answer are they looking for when they ask "give me an example of how you overcame a conflict with a patient, employer, coworker, family, etc."?
  10. I am a new graduate RN... Several of my fellow nursing grads have been telling me that there are certain things you must avoid mentioning at job interviews...Can this be true?? 1st example, TEACHING...I have been told that as a new graduate, you should not be proud of teaching or talk about how motivated you are about teaching during your interview...(my thoughts: I believe teaching is one of the essential roles as a RN..so long as I know exactly what Im talking about, why not?!!) 2nd example, FURTHER EDUCATION...when asked what your 5 year goal is...you should never mention that you are planning to go back to school (whether its for BSN or graduate program)...(my thoughts: I understand that facilities want to hire someone that is planning to work at the particular place long term...however, if they wish to receive further education down the road WHILE they work, why not?!! this won't hurt the job, if anything it may help the nurse be better at her job!!) As I mentioned earlier, I am a new graduate and do not have much experience with job interviews...SO I am not sure why any of what I mentioned are things "not to mention"!!! It would really help if people could give me some feedback on this...so that I could learn and also share with my fellow students who may be completely clueless as well... Also anything that should be added to the "do not say at job interviews" list is welcome~ :yelclap:
  11. smhs

    New Grad RN... work in a SNF?

    WOw~ they give you a test for hospital positions? Is this common around all states? I live in WA... =( never heard this before...
  12. @ Lpn1213~ thank you for sharing your experience and thoughts...I completely agree with you!! How terrible would life be without these fellow nurses helping us? You are very lucky and blessed to have such an amazing mentor....I truly am envious of your relationship =) Keep it up and make sure to thank your mentor!!! They all deserve our thanks and love :heartbeat
  13. Its truly encouraging when fellow nurses with experience (whether little or a lot) help out new graduate RNs... With the job market being so tough, it really takes a toll on lot of us, especially the ones without jobs... Being dropped off into reality right after school can be scary and discouraging so when others who have been nurses longer, their thoughts and advice are a HUGE LIFESAVER...there is absolutely nothing more you can ask for~ It inspires and motivates you to want to be like them one day...to give back..:hug: :heartbeatTHANK YOU TO ALL THE NURSES for their amazing thoughtful advice!!:heartbeat
  14. @paddler~ Thank you for the website info...Its very convenient instead of going to all the individual websites to search!! I will start using that from now on =)
  15. smhs

    no hope for nurses without experience??

    Thank you everyone for the encouraging words!!! I have been at this for a long time so it really helps to hear some encouragement from fellow nurses...I really appreciate it!! :loveya: