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  1. Hi, I am currently finishing my RN as a student and have always been interested in working for disaster relief efforts overseas. Have any of you had experiences with this type of nursing? If so, how did it affect your practice and your views on healt...
  2. RN to DNP or MSN?

    That's a great point, DFW_RN. Student loan debt is piling up for me too. I would love to find a fullfilling area of work but also make a good income at the same time! Thank you for your replies!
  3. RN to DNP or MSN?

    That's great information, I truly appreciate it. The role differences is something I have not yet thought about and you bring up some interesting points. Thank you very much!
  4. So I am a floor nurse with little experience at this point, and am planning on continuing my education towards a critical care NP. I have no experience with critical care/trauma, but have enjoyed it very much during my clinical experiences. In your o...
  5. RN to DNP or MSN?

    Thank you for your reply, resilientnurse. I have one more question- what exactly about the change in roles was difficult for you? Did you find that a DNP felt more like a physician role than a nursing one?
  6. RN to DNP or MSN?

    Thank you for your thoughts. Another question, DFW_RN, I have thought about the CRNA/MSNA route, what is the route that you chose and why?
  7. Quality of care comparison MD vs. NP

    thank you both and I definately have. Maybe I need to be more specific- part of my project includes personal opinions on the topic from professionals such as yourselves.
  8. Quality of care comparison MD vs. NP

    Hi, I am doing an assignment for final semester in an RN program, and must ask about a pertinent topic to modern nursing. Here is my question: What is the difference in practice and in patient health outcomes (both in clinical and community settings)...
  9. RN to DNP or MSN?

    I'm in the middle of making a decision to pursue either a master's degree or a doctorate in nursing practice, and am not sure which route would be best to take at this point. I enjoy critical care environments and diagnosis very much, and I have had ...
  10. the week from hell

    Thank you so much to both of you, you also seem like very caring people as well. And I have to agree, the shooting and the fact that they were such small children tugged at my heartstrings and made the common everyday stress that much more difficult ...
  11. the week from hell

    This week was the worst I've had in my career in nursing. It has been the kind of week that has made me ponder if I made the right decision with my career choice. It's a terrible feeling. I got home tonight, closed my door, and bawled my brains out. ...
  12. Needlestick injury very scared

    thank you that does help. right now I'm trying not to think about it much until my appointment.
  13. Needlestick injury very scared

    I am a new nurse (LPN) and have only been working for 7 months now, and I'm mid twenty's. Last Friday I was performing a routine blood draw on a 70y/o patient with a large bore needle and after receiving little flashback i pulled out. Then the patie...