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  1. ablinz

    L & D experience and CNM -- opinions!

    I am planning to apply to Frontier. I completed my senior capstone in L&D but never worked as an RN in L&D. I was really nervous about having no experience but after reading the comments I feel like it might not be a negative thing.
  2. ablinz

    How old were you/how long did it take?

    I am 23. I have my BSN and have worked as an RN for 2 years. I will be applying to CNM school within the next year. I also feel a little apprehensive because of my age. I just know it's what I'm meant to do and feel like school will prepare me to be great at my job. Good luck!
  3. ablinz

    Loans for grad school

    I'm planning on going back to school to become a CNM. Just curious how everyone pays for grad school. Where do you get your loans from? I won't be working much during school. I'm guessing I will have to take out around $80000 to pay for school and my living expenses during those 2 years.
  4. ablinz

    Frontier online program

    I am hoping to talk to someone who has completed the CNM program through Frontier. I have been a nurse for 2 years. I did my senior capstone in L&D, but haven't had any recent RN experience there. I am looking at Frontier because of its online option and price. Just wondering if people feel the online program provided them with a good education and if they were able to find a job soon after graduating. I have wanted to deliver babies since I was 10 years old and I'm pretty sure I will apply to the program in May 2015. Also have looked at Georgetown. Feedback for that also would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!