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  1. starzephyr1

    My NCLEX experience....what is all the fuss

    I feel the same about THE TEST! I was a bit nervous while studying but once I started the Kaplan review that all changed. I became desperate and just wanted to get over and done with it. I felt my school definitely prepared me and Kaplan gave me the confidence I needed to pass. I passed with 75q's. I definitely recommend Kaplan to anyone and everyone.
  2. starzephyr1

    NCLEX 75 questions

    Diana, I tried to pm you but since I haven't written 15 posts that feature is disabled. Feel free to email me at: starzephyr1@yahoo.com
  3. starzephyr1

    NCLEX 75 questions

    Omg!!! While I won't be completely relieved until I get my "unofficial" results, I feel like I can breathe a little.
  4. starzephyr1

    NCLEX 75 questions

    So I just got home from taking my NCLEX-RN and it stopped at 75 questions, after 1.5 hours. I tried the Pearson Vue trick and got the good pop up. Is 2 hours after the test too early to check the PVT trick? Thanks for your help!