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  1. hi! i'm currently attending to one now.. we just finished r days orientation and next week will be the start of everything.. i think i have loads of things to be prepared for.. good thing my visa was granted immediately after signing that health undertaking form..
  2. yes we are under non award subclass. for Philippines, subclass 575 is under assessment level 1.. check this diac site: Non Award Sector: Temporary Visa (Subclass 575) - Assessment Level 2
  3. hi! anybody who can help me out here? or have been in this situation? i lodged my application directly to australia thu e-visa.. now they are asking me to sign a health undertaking.. the email says: [color=#b22222]a health undertaking is required for visa applicants who have evidence of exposure to tuberculosis or other diseases of concern. by signing form 815 you are agreeing to telephone the health undertaking service (hus) within four (4) weeks of your arrival in australia. you will then be required to attend a relevant health clinic and to follow the treatment or directions of the clinic director. so i signed the form and immediately sent it. yes i know i am exposed to tb patients, but my chest xray this feb 6 is normal.. i have no symptoms or anything.. is it just a protocol of the embassy for those health workers exposed or you think they found something on my xray during the medicals? i really need some enlightenment on this.. thanks for any replies! thanks! :)
  4. yes, I think my education counselor did that.. as of now, the embassy sent me a mail asking me to sign a health undertaking.. I am really hoping my visa will be granted before april.. thanks a lot!
  5. thanks! i'd be needing much prayers now.. my agent updated me on my visa and told me that the case officer emailed them saying that Australia received my medical results march20 and have to wait up to 10 working days for approval.. 10 working days is too much! my course will start on 3 April! i have to leave asap!! huhuhuhu...
  6. Flight reserved! No visa yet... Huhuhu....
  7. uhmm.. im sorry but i have to ask.. what is step one in booking for a flight? hehe.. ive been browsing the web for plane tickets and that's it.. i mean.. should i trust those sites and give them my details? are those prices actual prices? or do I have to go to a ticketing office for these... hehe.. thanks!
  8. I'm applying for a student visa.. though only selected bp schools accept a student visa. and these schools take their bp in 4 months, and they are almost fully booked for the year.. I selected it anyway since I can work part time (if I can still manage to) and so that I can extend or convert it to other visa without returning to the Phil.. :)
  9. I'm not much sure.. maybe we can ask her.. @Pinoynars! are you there? :)
  10. What I know is that it doesn't matter if you lodged your ahpra application in a state where you don't intend to work.. A friend said she lodged her ahpra application this January in SA but until now, she hasn't received her LOE.. So you better be decided if you would want to transfer your docs..
  11. good.. as for me, my consultant also made me expect for 2-3 months processing for my LOE, yet we were surprised I got it with only 1 month... so will you transfer yours? :)
  12. sure! sure! will always update you guys..! soon we'll see each other there! is that fine? lol!
  13. hahahaha! thanks e-nigma, g3stalt, ceridwyn.. you've helped me a lot! :thankya:
  14. of course I will! these forum have helped me a lot! some of my stresses were relieved.. at least here, there are people who knows what I feel, wanted what I want, needs what I need.. so glad!! so your birthday is on October? that's my birth month too! and i'm also looking forward to a good job for a birthday gift!! hahahaha!