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  1. I just got finished with round 3 of the most frustrating interviews! I was an LPN for 15 years before I went back to school for my RN. I am currently in training for management so I have been "forced" to endure the interview process. I would hope that a nurse that was interviewing for our position would read this, but if not, I have no problem trying to help other LPN's be better or RN's suffer less. What NOT to do: Do NOT show up late unless you have called and told me why...and it better be good. All I can think is how many times will this happen when they are employed. Do NOT show up looking like a hooker. If you wear a skirt, wear one that is longer than knee length and make sure you can walk in it. I am not interested in how sexy you can look. If you wear pants, make sure they are dress pants...I don't want to see your khaki's from 9th grade. If any of your clothes are tight...leave them at home. I remember one nurse who's clothes were too tight and I felt like I was watching her slowly suffocate during the interview. Also NO jeans....EVER...period!!! I had several nurses who wore scrubs and that was so much better than ill fitting, crazy looking outfits. However they were coming to or going to their regular job. If someone who was unemployed showed up in scrubs it would seem a little strange. Do NOT come with hair that is not a natural color and piercings anywhere but your ears. It doesn't bother me, but my patients will call and say I want to talk to the nurse but not the one with blue hair, and nose rings...she looks freaky and made my baby cry. Plus if I hire you, you will have a dress code that will say no piercings, or unnatural hair color...might as well start now. Do NOT wear stiletto heels. I love shoes as much as any woman, but I have rarely seen someone who could wear stiletto heels and walk normally. No flip flops or sandals....EVER! Do NOT show me your tattoos. I personally don't mind them but some of my patients will not like them...so keep them covered. Speaking of covered...I don't want to see your boobs either....check your cleavage before you leave home. Do NOT come with greasy hair, no make up, un-brushed hair or wearing pajamas. I should not even have to type that. Do NOT chew gum, play with your hands, play with stuff on my desk, pick at the holes in your jeans, mess with your hair, avoid eye contact or look like a deer in the headlights when I talk to you. I know you are nervous and I understand, I can deal with that, but freaked out or fidgety sends up red flags. Do NOT tell me what I want to hear....tell me the truth. Most interviewers can tell when you have practiced way to much. I always think...how many interviews has this person had without a job offer? Do NOT make up stuff....why would anyone say they can do something then set themselves up for failure??? I would much rather you say. I have never done that, I have watched/seen/heard about but I personally have not done it. Then tell me how you are willing to learn and how you are a fast learner with an example (everyone is a fast learner in my interviews) Do NOT complain about the problems you had in your previous job. All I see is you in my office every day whining or everyone else in there whining about you. Do NOT tell me how wonderful you are. Tell me what things you do well and have an example to back it up.....everyone does everything well in my interviews. Do NOT come unprepared. Go on our website and see what we are about. If I see that you have not bothered to care about us, I will assume you want a job and those are offered at other places. We are here for our patients and while the paycheck is awesome and expected, we are not here for that primarily. Find out what kind of things you might be expected to do in a setting like ours and start learning about them and then tell me about how you are brushing up on such and such because you know we probably do a lot of that. I am impressed when someone knows they don't know and are willing to remedy that and have taken the initiative to learn. What to do.....come with a confident attitude and an awareness of yourself, your skills and your abilities. Come with a smile. Its pretty simple.....or at least I thought it was. BTW...all of the do NOT's came from things that actually happened in these interviews. It made me ashamed of the nursing profession and seriously worried about the caliber of people the schools are turning out. I am hoping other managers will add to this thread!