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  1. Your best bet is to go the traditional route & attend a CCNE accredited nursing program to able to qualify for the Nurse Candidate Program. Go to the following website = American Association of Colleges of Nursing | Find Accredited Programs & look up the accredited programs in your state & narrow it down to the colleges/university's that are closest to you. Remember alot of these colleges/universities have articulation agreements with community colleges so you can always look into that. Sentara College of Health Sciences is accredited by ACICS which is not an eligible to participate in the NCP.
  2. AshleyAce757

    Virginia Nurses survey

    I wanted to know from all working VA RN's if you notice more RN's in the operating room taking part as the scrub nurse or more surgical techs doing most of the scrubing? Esp, in the Hampton Roads, VA area. Any Virginia OR nurses...I would love the chance to talk to you. Please feel welcomed to sending me a message. :)
  3. I'm getting straight to the point. I am curious to know from all the Operating Room nurses out there, what were the steps that you made in order of landing a spot in the OR? Interested in hearing on the many different paths of one has taken to earn to work in the OR...also would love to hear your personal Do's and Don'ts of pursuing a career as an OR nurse for wannabee future OR nurses? Any insight will be greatly appreciated! :)