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  1. I'm looking for a position in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex as a Documentation Specialist or Coder-10 Entry level. Here is my background. Univ of Neb at Omaha-2003-BS Journalism Creighton University-2012-BSN PCU RN Rapid City Regional Hospital-1 year Med/Surg Tele/HBO RN Nebraska Medicine-1.5 years GI RN Baylor Scott and White-a few months ACLS and CPR current. RN Texas license clean and current. Skills: Advanced Excel, Word, Power Point and Outlook. I can type 85 WPM. Registered to take CPC 2/4/2017. I'm a quick study. I'm looking to get away from direct-patient care because of burnout and safety concerns. Okay with decreased salary initially so long as job can provide upward mobility opportunities long-term. Thank you.
  2. I am an alum of the Creighton accelerated nursing program having just graduate 8/2013. To add more credibility to what I'm about to write below let me add that yes, I am currently employed. No I have not yet taken the NCLEX(still waiting for my letter to test) and I am a 3.45 GPA student. I'm a non-traditional student in that I'm 33-years-old. Our cohort consisted of about 50ish students. Varied backgrounds, some had previous careers prior to entering the program, military, financial, medical, for example. Others had just recently graduate with their undergraduate degrees either from Creighton or other universities. By all accounts, Creighton accepted all applications. It was never clear if everyone had completed all the required pre-reqs, also several students were sent letters asking to explain their lower than acceptable GPA's only to be accepted anyway once that letter was received by Creighton. When I graduated, the traditional students, those in the four year program also offered by Creighton, had scored an 87% pass rate on NCLEX. Also, the central curriculum course, Care Management was finally the subject of faculty/administrative meetings due to the poor performance exhibited by students, grade and test wise. But this is only a recent development, improvements to this foundational course will not be felt or seen by students for another 2-3 years. Creighton is a horrible program for the money, point blank. Why? For starters, if you want to have relationships with faculty, then do not attend Creighton. Faculty and adminstrators view Creighton students has useless. Don't seek a dialogue with faculty, doors are often not opened during ANC hours nor do faculty welcome input. Do not plan to calculate your grade, if you want to know how your standing in a course at any given moment, tough nuggets. There is no way to calculate your grade reliably, nor is course information, such as a comprehensive list of assignments and their point value provide in the syllabus. Blueline2 which is the a type of LMS Learning Management Systen was implemented the year I was there and teachers had less than 2 weeks to get famliar. More importantly, the screens students see are different than the screen faculty see, so don't go seeking assistance with how to use this online interface, nobody knows. The pages change day to day with no notice, so your grade is also subject to change--so get everything in writing. Have an e-mail chain of communication and re-read all graded assignments, more often than not mistakes have been made by the teacher in terms of grading. If you seek out an administrative to launch a complain or discuss solutions, prepare for a character assault. No administrative will listen to you regardless of how important your concern may be. The only truth at Creighton is that students are basically not important and seen more as a stream of income reather than contributors. Expect to be treated like your worthless and you'll get along fine at Creighton. This wasn't only my opinion it was view shared by many in our class. We tried several times to get our voices heard and we're ignored, several times. The lack of communication between faculty and students was rare and often mistakes were never admitted to. Also, teachers don't teach. They're too consumed with their own thesis projects or Ph.D. dissertations to be bothered to improve their own lectures or frankly, to know the materail their teaching. More often then not, teacher would arrive to class unprepared to lecture, reading directly from the powerpoint for the first in class. I highly advise you seek our any FB group with Creighton and nursing in the title and ask some previous grads, send them message and promise the response will be similiar to exprience I'm providing here. If I had it to all over again, I would have accepted my seat at UNMC and not have spent all the money on tuition. All in all, my exprience at Creighton was not at all what I had hoped for, I wanted to be a part of a group of supportive nurses who work together and what I found instead was insecure, uncaring, lost people.
  3. Can anyone provide any insight? Has anyone ever transferred from one accelerated program to another similiar one successfully? Is it impossible? Diffcult? Feasible? I've finish my first semester already and we're currently into our third. My motivations for switching are partly due to my husband who is military and second, in hindsight this program wasn't not the bet fit for me of all the programs I was accepted to. Any guidance or advice is greatly apperciated! -Trish
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    Military Spouse RN

    Hello there! I just wanted to follow up with the discussion. I'm a military spouse and will be finishing up nursing school in August 2013. My husband is a USAF Lt Col and there is a chance we could be overseas-Germany. My previous exprience is diverse: EMT-B in Virginia, Phlebotomist in Virginia for Sentara, CNA and MA IN Virginia for Sentara and PHarmacy Technician for In patient VA Hospital in Omaha, NE, where I'm currently attending nursing school. (5-6 years total)This is also my second bachelors, my first is in communication.I loved working for the VA and would like to return(crossing fingers hiring freeze lifts soon.)Is there anything I could be doing now? Or should I expect to not be doing nursing for the time were there? Maybe I can use my other exprience? Finally, we start preceptorships in May, I wonder if there is a particular preceptorship that would be more advantageous in anticipation for overseas? Any advice is greatly apperciated!
  5. Hey all!Just wanted to congratulate all the 2012 UNMC accelerated nursing students! Where did you get accepted?I'll start.UNMC-Scottsbluff-Trish