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  1. Hawaii board of nursing

    Why does the board of nursing take 15-20 business days to give you your license that seems like a ridiculous time frame.
  2. Nursing teacher recommendations for UH Manoa

    All the first semester professors are good it just depends on the clinical sites you want to go to. I personally liked **** she is really nice and in my opinion an easy grader on papers but it could just be because she liked our group so much.
  3. How does UH Manoa look at your NLN score?

    UHM looks at the highest score in the "ALL" category but my suggestion to you is if your CGPA is not very high I would try to score in the 90 percentile in atleast one of the sections to improve your chances of getting in.
  4. The waiting game starts...

    @helloheather13 I think you can drop out of Manoa if you wanted to go to KCC. I was wondering did anybody else get accepted?
  5. The waiting game starts...

    I just got my acceptance letter!
  6. The waiting game starts...

    @adrenergic Thanks so much! I thought I didnt get in because my statuses didnt change. You just made my day!
  7. The waiting game starts...

    Hi @adrenergic thanks I was freaking out since I havent received my letter yet. I was wondering if your status on STAR changed?
  8. The waiting game starts...

    @cha12m For some reason I cant reply to your message but below are my scores and I havent checked the mail for my letter yet so I dont know if I got in. Pgpa-3.8 Cgpa-3.0 Composite score-144 Science-97 Math-96 verbal-92
  9. The waiting game starts...

    and congrats! @rishck
  10. The waiting game starts...

    @helloheather13 and @adrenergic Congrats! btw are you a UHM student? did your registration status change for summer 2012?
  11. The waiting game starts...

    Hey did anyone try checking their registration staus to see if it changed? I read from other posts that their registration status changed before they got their letters.
  12. The waiting game starts...

    Thanks rishck! I feel like we should be getting our letters soon! Last semester we had a deadline of sept 1st and we got our letters at the end of oct.
  13. The waiting game starts...

    I hope we get our letters for UHM soon.
  14. The waiting game starts...

    No she's still trying to get in.
  15. The waiting game starts...

    Thanks! but Chaminade isnt that great its not nationally accredited its only accredited in Hawaii. I also heard that HPU isnt a good school to go to. I actually had friends who were at HPU for the nursing program drop out to try for KCC.