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    I just suck at sticking people.

    One thing to think of...I got IV cert later in my LPN career. I was having so much trouble but couldnt figure out why I couldnt feel what my coworkers did. If ppl had great veins I felt those and did fine but average or poor veins I felt nothing. I had never had any neuropathy symptoms that I had noticed. it was a short while after this I woke up with neuropathy both arms and legs very bad. I still think I had a stroke cause it was all over night but tests said no. i still walk like an alien with really bad pain that even 25 mg duragesic doesnt cover completely. Be sure to ask dr to do bs check on you and make sure you dont have neuropathy in your fingers. Never hurts to be sure
  2. Sashalanda

    LPN job openings in Meridian Mississippi

    I dont think Andersons hire LPNs anymore, not sure about Rush. Nursing homes still hire them though. Doctors offices hire LPNs too. I worked hospitals as LPN for 27yrs but saw less and less LPNs get hired til there weren't many of us at all. I personally HATED working in dr office. Never felt like I got anything done...buried in mounds of paperwork mainly. Good luck to you! If you have any family or good friends that can get your foot in the door that would be great.
  3. Sashalanda

    Anyone have any Embarassing Dr. stories?

    I was working pediatrics. Baby was unconscious and pediatrician was doing a spinal tap. There was another nurse handing stuff to dr and I was holding baby in place. Well baby came alive once needle was inserted. Baby was maybe 14m old. Grabbed my breast and was pinching with all her might. All the dr could do to finish that spinal tap as she was laughing so hard at my anguish LOL. I had some splaining to do to my hubs when he saw handprint bruise rofl.funny now but was painful then lol
  4. Sashalanda

    Still a new grad... when will it end?

    Oh dear you got stuck with nightmare mentors. I was so fortunate with mine. I too made mistakes..all new nurses do! That is why the other nurses on next shift go over cardexs with charts checking orders..because as humans we make mistakes. I am sure you have learned a good bit from the mistakes you have made and that you took ownership of those mistakes. Right now most hospitals around here have been on hiring freeze because of economy and even more medicare cuts. Good many are having trouble finding jobs. My son was very lucky he got in just under the wire...and he knows how lucky he is. I don't know if you have faith or are a non believer but this helped me. I said a prayer everyday regarding work. To give me the stamina needed and to steady my hand to prevent any mistakes. I started this about 3 yrs after I started nursing. I still made errors of course but non were patient harm errors...and that was a big relief to me. I also workednight shift and put just a dab holy water on every single patients forehead on my first rounds. Never lost a patient on my shift. They may have passed over next day but not on mine and I was so thankful. Don't believe anyone that tells you they dont/havent made mistakes. You learn basics adn background in school but you do the most learning that first 5 yrs after school. I hope your next job you get a very good mentor. It will make a world of difference. Also..keep your curiosity rampant at work..that is how you will learn stuff that is rare. Wishing you the best in the future because we need good hearted nurses..not cold poops like that.