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  1. hi HepB, pm sent..kindly check..thanks
  2. hi patringrn, i stand corrected, but your time table as per bp concern is still fine. as long as you were accepted in a bridging program before the expiration of your loe, and was able to inform ahpra of your acceptance in a bridging program, then no problem at all. to quote ahpra's loe sent to me, "it is imperative that you advise the ahpra contact person below in writing or by email of your acceptance into a program prior to commencement otherwise your application may be expired and you would not be eligible for registration at course completion. this correspondence must include your ahpra contact number, name and date of birth, course name, the education provider and commencement date. upon completion of the above, the board will progress your application for registration if you have met all of the required registration standards. if we have not been notified that you have commenced a course by 08/03/2013, your application will expire and become void and your incomplete application will be destroyed. extensions beyond this date will not be granted." my understanding might be wrong, so better ask ahpra re your case. :)
  3. how i wish...i am for sept intake in melbourne... i can't make it earlier due to staffing problems in the hospital right now. giving a little consideration to my head nurse. i hope to meet you there though. god bless us! :)
  4. hi glitzdelight... i have been been assessed by ahpra and was given the loe few months before my ielts would expire. your problem will lie in finding a bp provider that will accept you with an expired ielts and you will also need it during your application for work and on your application for working visa. in my case, i emailed ahpra re the requirement of the school to have a current ielts since during the time of registration a current ielts will be required. to quote their reply "[color=#454545]ahpra has already assessed your english language skills and found your ielts acceptable to meet the standard. we can advise that your english language has already been assessed and no further ielts scores will be required of you from ahpra." [color=#454545][color=#454545]however, ahpra has no jurisdiction on what the educational provider might require of you to enter into their program, so i suggest that you re-sit your ielts just to be on the safe side. hope this helps. goodluck! [color=#454545]:)
  5. I'd love to be on an earlier intake but May/June is too early for me even if I will be given the chance to be admitted. I'm considering the time I have to process my visa which entails what? a minimum of 4 weeks? So just to be on the safe side, I'm OK with AUG/Sept. :) I'm pretty sure you'll get by just fine.
  6. Oh ok...i'll have my interview last week of April but I was told that their available intake is august.. I was actually hoping to get into an earlier slot. Thanks. =D
  7. @ cheskaval121...what school did you apply in Melbourne?
  8. @ g3stalt... I don't know if you received my msg...in case you haven't please inbox me your fb or yahoo email add. Thanks!:)
  9. Yeah, I guess i should re take the exam. Thanks Jacgreen02! @ Aila and ladylee, sorry guys I can't answer your queries. private messaging was suspended. :) inbox me your fb acct or email instead. Thanks.
  10. Hi guys! Who knows of a BP provider that accepts students with an expiry IELTS? (Mine will expire this June!) I have the LOE but I can't find a BP school commencing this April. All booked for the month.
  11. Thank you Baesa and Katerina08! I guess I have to stick with the email then. Thanks again guys! c",)
  12. Hi Baesa! When did u apply for IHNA? I submit my application and other documents via email last week but I didn't get any confirmation. I'm planning to send it via courier instead. How did u manage yours?
  13. Hi! If you wish to transfer your documents just email your Case manager that you want to do so. No payment/s needed. :)
  14. thanks g3stalt. I was told it's already 13k instead of 11k. I wonder which is which... =D