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  1. I'm having the same problem!! I kind of feel like a fool applying to these positions due to my address being so far away! This certainly doesn't help you, but hopefully someone will have some good advice! Good luck!:)
  2. No need to be upset at the truth! Change careers

    Wow, this thread is interesting(with the varied views from actual nurses to prospective nurses)! my opinion: you do have to be passionate about nursing to get into it. otherwise you will be miserable at your job which will affect the quality of care...
  3. Question regarding ACLS course...

    I just took ACLS in may with no previous ECG experience(other than nursing school). you definitely DO NOT need to spend more money taking a class! Prior to the ACLS course i read through the entire manual and just looked up any information I was uns...
  4. job market by state???

    nrskaren & zookeeper, thanks for the advice, I'll have to look into those areas
  5. job market by state???

    not much:( I have 7mos experience in pedi home care
  6. job market by state???

    Hii, I'm just curious to know If anyone knows what states/cities are good for finding nursing jobs? I realllllly want to relocate to Boston, but I'm finding the job market in MA isn't that great. I'm not giving up on the dream but I'm starting to r...
  7. Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 3

    After you take the NCLEX go to Pearson vue And try to register to take the test again(pick a different date). if you passed it should say you're already registered. if you failed it'll let you continue to register. good luck!
  8. I Don't Know My Role!

    For a situation like swimming the way I see it is if the parents are allowing this child to swim, they are going to swim regardless if I'm in the pool or not - so either way it's my responsibility to make sure the child is safe, as I'm the only RN on...
  9. Trachs/Vents - How much training?

    When I did my orientation to my first case with a trach I just pulled the nurse who was with me aside and told her that I had no experience with a trach. She was very nice about it and explained everything to me and let me watch her do everything fir...
  10. I Don't Know My Role!

    ventmommy, I couldn't agree with you more!! sadly, this is a Medicaid cAse - with the case I mentioned, I do give meds often throughout the day and Tube feeds (for whatever reason the family isn't able on keep track of meds/feeds and administer them ...
  11. I Don't Know My Role!

    One of my cases is very similar..mostly healthy active 4 y/o. I do all of the same types of things, working on potty training, teaching her letters/numbers,take her to the park, bath her etc even though her mom is usually home all day. i also was t...
  12. Tools of the Trade

    GLOVES!!! even if the agency/family tell you they're going to supply WILL run out at some point and it can take DAYS to get them replaced!! not to go against the post above me...but I do pediatric home care and a baggie of 12 or so gloves -...
  13. what do you wear?

    I always wear scrubs, even if the family says I can wear street clothes. I do pediatric private duty, and always come in contact with BM, mucus, blood etc (not to mention with children they manage to spill stuff on you, get dirt on you, markers while...
  14. relocation prior to getting a job?

    I have been in contact with a couple of agencies but they're saying to start the interview process I need to already have my RN license in that state(which is OK) but then also I need to be around the area prior to starting the interview process. I'm...
  15. When do you know?

    Although making your patients and their families smile is a very great thing, I would say that is not enough to stay with the job. I have a similar problem - working 6 days/week and WAYY over 40hrs/week. Although I love the patients I have, they're g...