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  1. Do you have accomodation already? Email me jaspercastillo2009@yahoo.com
  2. hi danceinstructor! Good to know I have a classmate here. Was beginning to worry no one from allnurses will be going to LTU. I havent bought my plane tickets yet but Im guessing I should be there on the 9th. Have you found a place to stay already? email me at jaspercastillo2009@yahoo.com
  3. Just received my visa. Will be going to la trobe uni this january.
  4. hi Kit! Can you pm me your email and cell number so we could talk more It's great to know that we are already three here
  5. Hi tokiya! It's nice to know that someone who signed up with philman is in this thread. I too signed up with them and like you received the confirmation of receipt from AHPRA. Can you pm me your contact number so we can update each other God bless us all!
  6. Send them your minors too. That's what my friends did.
  7. A notarized copy of the board certificate/diploma would suffice
  8. can you pm me your email. I dont think i can post the name of the agency here..
  9. hi misslainern, do you have more than 1 year experience and at least 7 in all subtests in ielts
  10. Not without experience. You can also email your case officer for advice on what to do.
  11. Hi emdeeRN, Correct me if I'm wrong but AHPRA asks of you at least 3 months of nursing practice within the last 5 years to be eligible for registration...
  12. hi dashe! Your baby book will not matter because what they require you are adult doses of the vaccinations.
  13. Guys did you have any problems with your Certificate of Employment? Mine has an annotation stating: This certificate is requested by Mr. (my surname) for overseas employment. My agency advised me that my COE should have an annotation of "reference purposes" or no annotation at all... Will my original COE suffice? or should I follow my agency and get a new COE? Help... Thanks in advance!