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  1. Sharp New Grad Program Summer 2013

    Anyone know about interview options for out-of-state applicants? If I had the opportunity to interview, I would prefer face-to-face, but if they offer Skype, that'd be MUCH easier on my wallet. Good luck to all :)
  2. I'm going to call today to talk to the manager I interviewed with. I think it's a unit-based decision. So I'd give your unit a call and inquire further Good luck!
  3. Yes I had a phone interview and scheduled a face-to-face...very exciting!
  4. That is indeed the case! I got an email telling me my transcript was received and they are contacting my alternate references. One reference already responded, so all should be well by the 23rd! And then we wait....
  5. I got a confirmation email about my application being received, but I never got a confirmation email about my references being received. So I emailed my references asking them to look out for an email from Vanderbilt. One responded saying she never g...
  6. Hello all! I thought I'd start a thread for those of us who applied for the nurse residency program at the University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics. I am in my final year at Ohio State. I'd like to go into critical care, but we'll see what happ...
  7. Hey all! I go Ohio State and I am applying for the adult critical care track. I'm working on the online part of the packet (just sent in my transcript). Good luck everyone!!
  8. Hello! I will graduating with a BSN in the spring of 2013 in Ohio (with my residence being in Ohio as well). But I do not plan on working in Ohio post-graduation. I would like to work in Tennessee (which is a compact state, if that makes a difference...
  9. hello! i am a third year nursing student who is looking to go somewhere this summer. i would love to do something related to nursing, but i just don't know where to start. any programs you suggest or participated in? i'm open to projects abroad or in...
  10. Mayo Clinic Summer III 2012

    Congrats all who got in!!
  11. Mayo Clinic Summer III 2012

    Mine says 'application in review' and job status 'open'
  12. Mayo Clinic Summer III 2012

    When I started nursing school, I was planning on applying to TONS of externships! But Ohio State is switching from quarters to semesters this summer, so our summer starts late and is really short. Basically, everything I was looking into didn't fit i...
  13. Mayo Clinic Summer III 2012

    Want to hear about my crazy night last night, everyone? So I got home from class at about 7:00 and I checked me email. I got an email from HR saying my faculty reference was missing from my application and I had until Friday at noon to get it to her!...
  14. Mayo Clinic Summer III 2012

    And if that GPA stuff is true, guess I'm out! lol I still have my fingers crossed though! You never know!!
  15. Mayo Clinic Summer III 2012

    ohio state!!!! [color=#696969]go bucks!