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  1. Maryea

    How old is too old?

    Thank you Lucky 724. That is exactly right. After being told all my life that I would never make it as a nurse, by people who knew me and made me believe it. I think they thought I couldn't make it, because they were afraid to try themselves. I know many people who are in the profession, including doctors, who have told me I will be an excellent nurse because I have compassion, the very reason the others thought I would not be able to do it. I have spent the past 25 years thinking I would never be able to do this. In the last 10 I thought my time was past and I would just be wishing I had done it. Now I am trying. If I get in and become a nurse, I will be so happy. If I apply, but do not make it in, at least I can say I tried.
  2. Maryea

    How old is too old?

    Thank you so much for your comment and encouragement BloominViolet. I am still plugging along. Right now I am in A&P. I finally stopped reading comments on this website. Not to make anyone mad, but there are a lot of people here, in nursing, who are very discouraging and I don't need that right now. Every time I read something here, I would second guess myself. I was thinking how absolutely miserable a majority of the people sounded. I didn't need negativity so I stopped coming here. I started to talking to nurses here in my community. Everyone has been so nice and encouraging. In fact my husband had knee surgery a week ago. While waiting, I was studying for a test in A&P. The OR nurse came in, addressed him, gave him an update, answered his questions, then turned to me and said, "Okay, why are you in A&P?" She was an older lady, said that she has been a nurse for 25 years, loves it. Told me some totally encouraging things. Then checked back with me while my husband was in surgery and talked a little bit more to encourage me. The nurse that was watching over my husband before surgery talked to me a lot about nursing, told me some things to do. So nice. I talked with a nurse when my dad had surgery. He was a wealth of info, totally encouraging. I was ready to take the bull by the horns after talking to him. I do not want anyone to come back at me with snide remarks, and hope that doesn't happen. A lot of people were very encouraging to me in this post. It is just across the board, I know the professionals here are trying to keep it real, but it seems like an impossible feat when I read some of the posts. I have to focus on the positives right now. Thank you so much to those of you in the nursing profession who encourage others to reach for their goal. I will say it again. Some of you whine because nursing doesn't pay much. Spend your life making $11.00 an hour or less and raising 2 kids, or never being able to get above $12 an hour no matter what you do...and you will agree that nursing pay is not that bad. I really hate my job!!
  3. Maryea

    Too young/ early in life to be in Nursing Program?

    Work it kid!! If your parents are willing to help you. You are focused on your school work and are keeping up your grades. If you are doing well in your classes. Keep going. Don't worry about your age. I am on the other end of the spectrum...I am 53 and still taking prereqs. I would give anything to be where you are at this moment.
  4. Maryea

    Do Nurses Earn Big Money? You Decide.

    Well, I am a low paid customer service agent. My insurance is awesome. My bring home pay stinks. I pay taxes, I pay a house payment, I pay car payments and insurance and upkeep. I make $12 and hour. Do you think I am going to be happy to make a little more as a nurse? You bet I am, because I will still like in the same house, drive the same car, have the same bills. Hopefully, I will have a little left over at the end of the month. Hopefully, if something happens to my husband and I am on my own, I will be able to support myself. Hopefully, I will find a tiny bit of joy out of really helping someone once in a while, instead of listening to someone complain because their GPS unit is showing their house on the left side of the street when it is really on the right side. Yes, I think nurses make good money....but I think they earn every penny of it. Sorry if that is not the response you are looking for. I just get a little tweaked when people who make decent money whine about not making decent money. Take a cussing at my job, making my wage. It is a "walk a mile in my shoes" thing. We all think we have it bad.
  5. Maryea

    Going to Nursing School at an Older Age

    So here is where I am. I am 53 years old. Working on all prereqs before applying. I still have 2 semesters before I can apply for a 2 year program. I will be 57 years old when I am finished. If I do that....I am wondering who would hire a 60 year old nurse with no experience? So I am going for LPN. I am taking A&P next semester, then apply for LPN. I can alway bridge if I want to, but I think I am going this route!
  6. Maryea

    When will being an RN stop sucking?

    I am completing the last two semesters or prereqs, then on to nursing school. Some of you have scared me to death. I think of the expense of nursing school, the prospect of not being able to get a job once I complete school...and now the prospect of hating what I do. Have you ever worke in a call center? Sit in a chair all day with a earpiece on your head, and an angry customer on the other end of the line cursing you because their GPS unit is not talking loud enough - seriously?! It is not life an death people!! Get a map!!! But you can't say this. Give that job all you've got. Do every thing by the book and abide by all the rules of the company...then they tell you, you qualify for a .05 cents a week raise in pay. Then the yearly earnings report comes out and you see that the company is rolling in money becuase they pay cash for everything and have no loans against the company. Yay them!! So you end up making less than $12 per hour at a job you really hate!! I will take my chances on nursing. Talk about hating your job!!!
  7. Maryea

    Nursing school at age 50

    I am 53 and taking my prereqs. I still have about 3 semesters left before I can apply. Age is a frame of mind. If you feel good, and you know you can do the job, don't let anyone tell you you cannot! You may have something to offer, and may make a difference, who knows. Don't let your age stop you!!
  8. Maryea

    "No nurses of color....."

    I am sorry that this young woman would say such a thing, however, we don't know what may have happened in her past that may make her feel this way. If she had been attacked or something like that, I can understand her emotion. If she is just being racist, then shame on her!!
  9. Maryea

    CNA to LVN TO RN

    I have 4 hours left of my CNA class, yea!! All the while taking classes that will allow me to apply for the nursing program at our local community college. I have always been terrible with math, even failed math 1 in high school and had to take math 1a, then math 2a. Never wanted to look at another number in my life after that :) I took my entrance exam at school and missed math 40 by 2 points. The advisors told me to go home and practice and come back and try again, however, I am so bad in math I had no idea what to practice. I deceided to just start at the bottom in Math 20 and work my way up. I am so glad I did. I made a B in that class...yay again!!! That was enough to build my confidence just a bit so I feel ready to take the Math 40 class. I was not encouraged to take science classes by my family when in high school. I took just what I had to. I could either take Biology or Chemistry this summer so I opted for Biology. To me biology should be cells, living things like plants and animals, etc. NOT. This biology class is chemistry without the lab, yikes!! It is a lot of math, but it is the math we had in Math 20. I'm okay with that. I say all of that to say....you can do this is you want it bad enough. I am 53 years old next week. I have always wanted to be a nurse and would have been by now had I had any encouragement. If you have problems with math and spelling, go to the labs that are offered through your school. They want you to succeed and provide all kinds of free help. Take it!! You may have a bit of a struggle and you may have to sacrifice, but if you are will to give up your free time to obtain this goal you have set for yourself...you will be greatly rewarded. Good luck to you. With your passion I know you will succeed!! Go for it!
  10. Maryea

    35/f Married w/3 kids I am too old ?

    From the statistics I have read, you are the exact right age. By the way...I am going to be 53 in 2 weeks. I have 3 science classes and 2 math classes to complete before applying for the nursing problems. If you think you are too old....I should be institutionalized :)
  11. Maryea

    College Algebra

    I am not taking it yet...but freaking out just the same! It is coming up for me. I told my husband that math is just going to get harder and I am not that good at math. He told me, "it will not get more difficult, just longer eqations." Okay, I fell for it and it eased my nerves just a bit. We also have a math lab where they help you "get it". Personally, I will not take math during an excellerated time. I am not that confident. I am taking biology this summer....and I just found out, biology is chemistry without lab. Huh?! I should have just taken chemistry. I too looked at the book and am freaking out.
  12. Thank you for this! I am going to be 53 next month and will be applying for nursing school in fall of 2013. I only want to go as far as RN, BSN would just take too long and I am fine with RN. I was so afraid this chance had passed me by. I have always wanted to be a nurse and thougth I was too old, but you are never too old. I am loving school. I just hope and pray that I am accepted into the nursing program, I feel like I have one good shot so I have to make it.
  13. Maryea

    CNA in training

    We met with our lecture teacher last night and let her have it. She told us this would happen and she is always prepared. I am prepared to work in this type of environment until I can be hired in a hospital while I finish my education. I do understand we will see a lot of sad situations and we will be needed to step outside our comfort zone to do jobs we may have never dreamed about. What I do not understand are the CNAs that actually are certified. The CNAs who hate their jobs and the residents more. The CNAs who are burned out. The CNAs who are drinking or high when they take care of these elderly people who need real care. I just feel for the resident. We should be set up to go two in a team and work with a CNA. Hopefully, the CNA we work with this week will give us proper instruction so we do the job the correct way. Another complaint I had for the instructor was that I paid over $900 for this class and then am instructed by CNAs who don't give a flip. Her response when I asked how I am expected to pass a state exam was...."The state exam is very easy, you won't have any problem." Not really what I expected to hear.
  14. Maryea

    CNA in training

    Yes, the CNA class is a requirement to go on to nursing school. I love the elderly and would not mind working with them at all, but my main complaint is that I am learning and I need to be shown the proper way to accomplish this job. This way, when I am taking my state exam I will pass. I have to pass this class. Tonight is our lecture class and the teacher has already told us that she prepares herself for the many complaints she will hear from us after our first visit. I don't want to complain about the job the CNAs were doing....I will be complaining about paying big money for this class, only to be taught by people who are just "getting by". Please don't think I am showing disrespect for all CNAs, I have a great deal of respect for the people who actually do the work, and I personally know some very good CNAs. And yes, I realize many people say they will not put family in a nursing home...If there is any way in this world that I can stick to that pledge, I will. I live 300 miles from my parents, and I know if I cannot visit them every day, I cannot monitor how they are being treated. If it comes down to them living in a nursing home, I will move them close to me so I can be there every day.
  15. Maryea

    CNA in training

    I have been in lecture classes for CNA for a few weeks now, and have completed labs. Last Saturday was my first day to actually work in a nursing home, where we will be working until nearly the last week in June. Everything we have been taught in class was thrown out the window as we observed the real CNAs at work. What the heck!?! I spent over $900 to take this class, I will be tested by a state examiner, I am expected to know everything the book says, but am being trained to do the actual job incorrectly....for instance: 1. Floley bag laying on the floor, finally being stepped on by LPN. The LPN and CNA knew it was there because the CNA had just emptied it. 2. CNA - gloved - wiped a resident after a BM, then wheeled her to the sink, with the same gloves, assisted the resident with mouth care. 3. Bed needed changing. CNA brings linens in to change sheets, drops pillow cases on the floor, picks them up, blows on them, laughs it off with the resident, then proceeds to make the bed. 4. Peri care, then wash the face....nuff said. You in the medical field may think these things are not that bad. I, on the other hand, have elderly parents who will never, ever be put into one of these horrrible places. I am a researcher and went online to search my state for nursing home ratings. Again, my parents will not be put in a nursing home. How am I suppose to learn the proper way of doing this job, so I can move on to nursing, if I am not being shown the proper way? Because of the price of the class, I am considering talking to someone higher up than my so called "teacher", since she works at this nursing home and thinks it is wonderful. Now I see why you all vent so much :)