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27 yrs old, married with two beautiful daughters. I'm currently working on acceptance into my local community colleges Nursing Program.

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  1. krista_jorunnr

    Nursing School Waitlist

    I'm anxiously awaiting my acceptance letter for Nursing Fall 2012, and the wait is killing me! I'm in my second semester at a local community college and had a 4.0 GPA last semester and had hoped that would help me get in this fall...not so sure after reading some other users responses Like you, after I complete the summer semester, all my pre-requiste classes will be complete, I can't imagine having to wait around another year...I'm itching to get started lol! I decided to get a head start working in the medical field, which I currently have no experience, and will be taking CNA classes in a few months so I can at least get some experience in while I wait! Good luck!
  2. krista_jorunnr

    Starting A&P course tomorrow

    I'm in A&P2 this semester and made an A last fall. Like everyone else has said before, just make sure you study, don't let "this is the hardest class you will have to take" scare you! I love A&P and have learned a lot! I was homeschooled during high school (which was about 10 years ago!), so I never had an actual Biology or Chemistry class but I was still able to keep up just fine! I would also recommend the book "A Visual Analogy Guide to Human Anatomy & Physiology" by Paul A Krieger, I'm using it now and think it comes in handy for quick review - along with my teachers lecture notes.
  3. krista_jorunnr

    Interview questions for Nursing Orientation class

    Thank you for taking time to respond!
  4. My name is Krista and I am working towards admittance into my local community colleges AAS in Nursing this fall and I'm taking a required Nursing Orientation class. One of my assignments is to do a short interview with an RN, and since my long term goal is to become an ER Nurse, I was wondering if anyone on this forum would like to answer the below questions (more than one response is more than welcome!). Thank you for any and all responses I receive and I look forward to learning more about emergency nursing! 1. What is your job title? 2. What are your primary responsibilities? 3. What does a typical day entail? 4. What education or training is required for your position? 5. What personal qualities must a person in your position posses?