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rtmike2002 has 6 years experience and specializes in NICU, and Transport.

6 years as an RN, 37 as an RT.

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  1. I know you're internet strangers...

    If you want high acuity do the level 4. They aren't, hopefully, going to put you with the super high risk babies right away. It can be hard to move from a level 2 to a 4.
  2. Flagler Hospital

    Does anyone work in, or know someone who works in the NICU at Flagler Hospital in St Augustine? Thanks
  3. MEN, dont come into nursing

    After 31 years as an RT I became a nurse 6 years ago. I must say I'm glad I did though there have been ups and downs.
  4. Pediatric Nurse need help with Adult IV insertion

    I have had the same experience transitioning from neonatal and pediatric transport to mostly adult transport. I'll use the advice on this thread to improve my odds. I have had a similar experience drawing adult blood gases. Hitting those huge arterie...
  5. Intro

    Hello All. I'm a new(10 mo) RN, and was an RT for 30 years. I work with Grace on Wings. We are an all volunteer charity air ambulance. We fly a Mitsubishi turbo prop, and just aquired a Lear Jet. We do BLS, and ALS flights on adult and pediatric pati...
  6. Religion Needed to be a Good Nurse?

    I'm quite irreligious. I have been almost totally turned off by the behaviors of most mainstream religions, but I am very spritual. I'm a new nurse, but I feel like I'm doing a good job. Mike