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  1. I'm thinking about a few different areas. The top of the list right now is NICU, L&D or a Burn Unit. Possibly Oncology as well. My father just got diagnosed with a rare form of HL so my curiosity in that field has been raised exponentially.
  2. CaliGrown

    Pathophysiology Spring 2012

    I'm taking Patho online as well. I haven't taken an actual classroom course in almost 3 years (I lived REALLY far away from the school I was going to). So hopefully all the experience I have dealing with online classes and scheduling out time will come in handy because I have no real idea whats coming at me. I've been trying to find my teachers syllabus or something from earlier semesters but that hasn't worked out at all. Class starts Tuesday. I should probably buy my book now that I'm thinking about it.
  3. Mine starts on Jan 18 I think. I'm taking English 2, Patho, Pharmacology, & Lifespan Psych all online. I took Gen Psyc, Soc, Stats & Nutrition last semester with 2 A's & 2 B's. The goal for this term is at LEAST the same, though I would prefer all A's :) The only prereqs I still have left are AP1&2 and Micro, which should all be done by the time I apply next winter. If all works out according to plan.