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  1. Question

    Ok so i am 16 goin on 17... and i wanted to see if anyone knew of any like volunteer work I could do in the hospital? Like nursing volunteer? I know you can volunteer at the hospitals, but i wanna get in there and start learning all i can about psych...
  2. Cutters

    thanks so much! I would just LOVE to work with teenage cutters. And like to how involved should you get with your patients? Because I'm a pretty compassionate person and my parents think that I would get too upset in psych because I would care so muc...
  3. Cutters

    Hi i had a question for all you psych nurses out there! How often do you guys have cutters come into the psych ward? Is it often? or do you hardly ever see them? Thanks!! wannabespsychnurse!!!!!! :balloons:
  4. Question

    Hi everyone! I had a real quick question! What exactly is Bipolar Disease? What are the symptoms? And are people born with it or is something that can develop? Thanks a lot! wanna be psych nurse :)
  5. Psych nursin questions

    Thank you sooo much for answering my questions! I really appreciate it! I want to be a psych nurse for a few reasons! 1.) I am very interested in mental illnesses and 2.) I found out that my good friend is a self injurer and that boosted my interest ...
  6. Psych nursin questions

    Hi everyone, ok this probably sounds like really stupid questions but i have to ask since im not a nurse yet! I have people always telling me if i work i n the psych unit im going to go crazy and i just had to ask, have any psych nurses have any pro...
  7. psych nursing info

    Hi I just found this website and i am thrilled! I have been wanting to be a psych nurse for quite some time now, and I recently found out that my best friend is a cutter and that has boosted my interest in it even more! I was hoping that someone coul...