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    Aches and pains physiology

    Like many of you, understanding the mechanism of pathophysiology is a passion. I do have a question. With infections the pathogen proliferates and colonises either locally , spread within the same organ system or even systemic complications can occur. Due to this colonisation and host infection, our body sets up an immune response and because of this, much more of our vitamins, minerals, carbs, proteins, fats are used up with the mitosing white blood cells, generating a fever etc. My question is this, why do aches occur particularly in joints even though the infection has nothing to do with joints? has it got to do with less energy expenditure to osteocytes within that region causing some kind intracellular biochemical starvation? I have no idea and would really appreciate your help Why do we get skeletal muscle aches and weakness? Is there some kind of capilary shunting decreasing blood and plasma contents to skeletal muscle for the acute stage of the infection? I thank you very much for your help and appreciate your help in advance SquareRN