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  1. Harvinderk

    University Hospitals - Cleveland

    Hi, I may be accepting a job at University Hospitals in Cleveland. If anyone currently works there can you please tell me HOW you like working at the hospital (pros/cons), and HOW you feel about living in cleveland? Thank you!! :) HK
  2. Harvinderk

    Children's Colorado Interview

    Hello! Has anyone received an interview from Children's Colorado for the March 2012 New grad residency? I have and I thought it might be nice to connect with others who have too :)
  3. Harvinderk

    University Colorado Nurse Residency

    Hey!! they called me on saturday. On the website it says they would be calling last week/this week. I talked to HR last week and they said everyone would find out this week either way. Fingers crossed for you :) ps. I'm from cali... know any fellow nurses in denver?
  4. Thank you!! I sent you a message - i Hope you got it :)
  5. Harvinderk

    University Colorado Nurse Residency

    Hey KRomney! I just heard back from CH Colorado. They will be calling/emailing all this week either way. Good luck!!
  6. Hey!! I am from california too!! I applied for the March 2012 program. I just received a call to interview at CH Colorado! If I am so lucky and get the job, I too will be looking for a roommate! Let me know if you're interested.