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  1. I think anytime a nurse is suddenly put into the role of patient, it helps them to empathize more with those they work with on a day-to-day basis. A little empathy does wonders both for the patient's psyche and the nurse's level of patience! - Pita
  2. pitapita

    Patient Surveys..vent.

    I figure if all a patient has to complain about is the quality of the food from our kitchen or the fact that the water from our bubbler isn't ice cold, we're doing a pretty damn good job! :yelclap: - Pita
  3. pitapita

    I Love My Job Because...

    I love my job because most of our patients genuinely appreciate what we do to try to help them get better! Well...*most* might be stretching it a little bit, but I'm trying to think positively. - Pita
  4. pitapita

    Adventures in Psychiatric nursing-

    I absolutely LOVE being a psych nurse. It's definitely NOT an easy job - I really don't know why people would think that... - Pita
  5. pitapita

    Adventures in Psychiatric nursing-

    I always love it when people think psych nurses have it easy...we get a lot of nursing students at our facility, and a lot of them walk through the door thinking it's going to be their easiest rotation. Those same nursing students can usually be found huddled in our locked nursing office when one of our 300 lb pts starts trying to kick the door down because they are delusional and think we are keeping their kids locked in there. Or you have a head-banger who likes to whack their head against the CORNER OF THE DOORWAY so that it splits down to the bone every time. That one kept being sent out to be sutured, and then would come back, tear the stitches out, and then use their hands to rip the wound open even further. The best part about patients like that is, we have to keep them until they learn how to control their behavior. Which took months. Can you imagine having to come into a sitation like that every shift for months? This is how people get burnt out from psych. I just let everyone think what they'd like about my job - honestly, a person has no idea what that job is like until they're the only nurse on and they have to try to talk down a patient who is repeatedly threatening to stab them because they look like the parent who abused them when they were a kid. Fun times!! These stories are not few and far between either...LOL. Anyway, food for thought, I guess. :) - Pita
  6. pitapita

    Funny Orientation Story

    HAAAAHAHAHA love it. I absolutely love reading stories like this. Great way to decompress during/after a rough shift. Thanks for making me smile! - Pita
  7. pitapita

    Patient Complaint

    Sounds like a psych patient to me....LOL!! Don't worry too much about it - sometimes you're going to come across people in this job who are INTENT on being miserable. If nothing is wrong, they will COME UP with with something that's wrong. Good for you, holding your tongue! - Pita
  8. pitapita

    New RN Advice!

    Oooh....peds psych can be really tough to start out with - those kids can really break your heart. But, if that's your passion, more power to you! I work with dual d/x, detox, straight psych, etc on the floor I'm on now. I absolutely LOVE my job!! I knew what I wanted to do before I even started nursing school, so I opted out of the med surg jobs after I graduated. I'll more than likely be in psych forever. :) I know everyone says you need at least a year or 2 of MS under your belt, and I'm sure it couldn't hurt whatsoever...but I just didn't like it for myself. I do, however, have to do a little extra reading every now and then to try to keep up on the basics I learned in school and things that every nurse needs to know, no matter what type of work they are doing. Hope that helps!! Good luck. :) - Pita
  9. pitapita

    I am so nervous

    Good luck guys!!!
  10. pitapita

    First job in Psych nursing

    If you want to see what its like to be a psych nurse, try and Google some blogs written by some! It's always nice to see it from different points of view. Good luck!!
  11. I was very much in the same boat as you when I decided to take my psych nursing job. I have only benefitted from my personal experiences - I find it helps me to empathize with the patients more. It also keeps me from judging patients too quickly. What you read about someone in their chart doesn't always reflect who they really are. Don't doubt yourself - I'm sure you would prove to be an asset to your unit! Good luck!!-
  12. pitapita

    Is this staffing normal???

    I have worked the 11p-7a shift on a 15 bed locked psych unit for over 2 years now. On the adult unit, we have 1 RN (me) and 2 MHCs for the overnights. When I worked on the adolescent floor for my first year, we only had 1 RN (me) and 1 MHC. When the unit's quiet, the staffing is more than adequate. The problem comes when we have to call a code because a pt is out of control and tearing apart the unit...we only get to pull 1 staff member from each of the other floors ( = 4 more staff). It is a great way to throw yourself into being a team leader - you're the one calling the shots if you're the only nurse on. It can be EXTREMELY stressful at times, though. Especially if you're dealing with admissions as well as agitated patients or have anyone who requires 1:1 supervision at all times.