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  1. I am a registered CNA (never worked as a CNA) and a recent LPN graduate waiting for approval to take NCLEX in Louisiana. Even though I had my record expunged, I submitted all necessary forms regarding my arrests. LSBPNE has sent me an email saying my application is still under review, but I am in compliance and my past arrests (10+ y/o DUI reduced to reckless and 7 y/o misdemeanor shoplifting) should not impede my eligibility to sit for NCLEX. So, I think I'm in the clear with that. Now I am applying to CNA positions in the meantime. I knew that I had to divulge the details of my shady past to the state board, but do I have to admit to convictions on an application? The state board has legal right to our criminal backgrounds (EXPUNGED OR NOT), but do employers (LTC, hospitals, clinics, etc.) have that same right? Am I protected by law if I say "no" on an application for employment? Any CNAs or PCTs with expunged records in LA answering "no" on applications w/o repercussions? I don't want to lie, but I also want to protect my best interests.
  2. recentLPNgrad

    Can I be a nurse with a criminal history?

    I was recently arrested for misdemeanor theft and took the Alford plea. Should I continue to pursue nursing as a career quit before I'm rejected for my crime? How much access is granted to the powers that be to police reports and will I have an opportunity to plea before the BON?

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