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  1. How old is too old?

    Getting your CNA first would be a great way to get your foot in the door for possible employment in the future. However, BE CAREFUL of your body, especially your back. You can wreck your back in no time as a nurse, but especially as an LNA.
  2. sign of possible hope on a new grad RN job interview?

    I've never been asked for those documents for an interview, but here in NH they can look up your RN license online. I would only bring them if they ask you, otherwise you run the risk of appearing presumptive and pushy. I don't think anything is a gu...
  3. Pay discrepancies? Security makes more then ER tech?

    Working night shift as an RN I am so thankful for security and their ability and willingness to deal with unruly and/ or threatening patients and family members. I think they earn every single penny and probably deserve more. As for the skills debate...
  4. Patient Surveys..vent.

    We get a kick out of these too on my med surg unit. We had a patient write it was his "worst stay yet!". As if it's a hotel. Management loves the ones that say it's "like a 4 star hotel". What exactly are we going for here?!? I thought the idea (espe...
  5. Moving to NH attempting job search?....

    The market is VERY tight right now for any acute care RN jobs here in NH. I would definitely get your NH license as that could be a major HR road block. Also, make yourself stand out from other candidates. Send a few emails to the nurse managers of u...
  6. Applying to everything, smart or a huge waste of time?

    In my area the competition is fierce and I've found it's best to be AGGRESSIVE! Most new grads start in LTC/SNF as hospitals will not hire them. I did LTC for 2 years and finally got a med surg job at a local hospital. Now, I am attempting to get int...