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  1. i went to my GP and asked to certify that i received mine when i was still a baby. then on top of that, i had a PPD skin test (which turned out positive) but provided a clear CXR result :)
  2. hey blaisey =) can you pm me your details so i can forward it to my friend instead? gracias =D
  3. hi jems =) i was interviewed back in may for the august MEL intake. got my offer letter that same afternoon. but i know of others who got theirs after a few days. done with my BP and now waiting for my reg :) my bf got his already, so i know mine maybe just around the corner :) you'll make it, think positive =) goodluck!
  4. don't be. they'd usually ask your knowledge on your scope i.e. ICU, ER. and will ask for common cases and your interventions =) embrace interviews! that's the only time you can stand out from the rest =D goodluck!
  5. thanks fayeee =) i'll let my friend know :)
  6. oh ok cheerup. thanks again :) i can pm you my friend's details instead so you guys can correspond with each other, is that ok?
  7. h hi dear :) deleted some texts, kindly resend your pm :) thanks!
  8. thanks dude :) will let him know :)
  9. guys, can you pm me your details. you can't receive mails, as i've tried sending you a pm :) my friend's for the dec intake as well and he has some questions just like yours :) maybe you guys can talk things out. thanks!
  10. hallooo! that's his dilemma as well, dude. can i get your fb details so that you guys can talk instead? :) i'll pm you :) thanks!
  11. guys guys! who's for aaon's december intake? my friend will be part of it and would want to know his future classmates =) thank you so much!
  12. zrach! were you in aaon's june intake? got your reg already? applying for jobs now? pm me :)
  13. halllooo! sorry for the late rep. now on our 3rd week in our clinicals. sooo far away from SYD, 10hrs away from civilization hehehehe =) but time flies soooo fast. in 3 weeks, all of this will be part of history :) yup! i know how most of you guys are feeling coz i've felt exactly the same thing. but hephep, before over analyzing things, just take one step at a time. i know most of you are so burdened with the thought of leaving all you've got back at home and not having any assurance at all. but please, please you'll be a cuckoo if you preoccupy your mind with lots of thoughts all at once. hehehe first off, be emotionally, psychologically prepared before you leave. i always deemed myself as a strong person but believe me, it's really hard to be far away from your family and friends. and by the time you get here, you'll have to deal with lots of adjustments - weather, schooling, finances, so it just makes you all the more crappy and homesick. next, study and perfect the drug exam :) i'd say the exam is ok but the pressure of having no mistake will make you go crazy. so be careful even with the most minute things like the units, periods, etc. don't worry, everything will be taught. though, back in IHNA, the drug calculation part wasn't really taught much to us. but go to your elearning IHNA peeps and practice the questions there over and over again. and you'll sure ace it :) from 1 to 10, i honestly feel that the exam is within 4-5 (10 being the hardest), coz if you will really prepare for it, the exam will just be a breeze :) while you're at the theoreticals, just enjoy each day with your classmates coz come clinicals, you guys can be assigned very far away from each other. for instance, in our batch, only 10 were lucky to be in melbourne, while the rest are in different rural/small towns within NSW. and there is hardly any place to go in the country. if the cities say SYD and MEL are way laid back compared to manila, what more in the country? you can just imagine how much joy i get when i go to Coles/Woolworths for grocery, that's the only leisure that i have here hehehe :) i'd say i feel more homesick now i'm here in the clinicals' part. as per the clinicals' part, just be your humblest self. remember, you are nobody when you get here, no matter how many years of experience you have back home. i admire all our charge nurses here coz they practically have worked as nurses for more than 50 years now. so even if you're the most senior nurse at home, you're back to being a student here. everyday is still a learning experience. so make the most out of it and learn the OZ way, their way, be modest, and always speak in english please. in the end, they will appreciate your hardwork moreso if you remain humble =) and above all, think positive! i know we've got lots of what if's in our minds but you can't resolve them overnight. just believe in what you have and finish the program successfully. all the hardwork will pay off once you get your registration number. don't stress yourself and feel guilty with your decisions to go here. everybody has got to start from square one, right? :) pray and have faith :)
  14. guys, we started applying but most hospitals would ask for your registration number. so, just go on with your clinicals. there are a few who got sponsorship even before doing their BP but they've got extensive workexp back at home and that case is quite seldom these days. so goodluck :)
  15. zrach! done with your BP? you went back to PI? who's your friend? will pm you