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  1. cbrubaker05

    Salisbury Accelerated BSN Applicants for 2014

    Hey guys, I'm currently in the 2nd degree program at SU (hiiiiiiiiii CDG :)) and I thought I'd check this thread because I wish more people commented when I was getting ready! First, congrats to everyone that got in! Its an accomplishment and it will be a journey but its well worth it. If you are wait listed don't lose hope because people find out until well into the summer! And if you did not get in, good luck with your other applications and opportunities. Everything works out in the end! If anyone needs to take pathophysiology, SU says they offer a summer course but it usually does not happen. The cheapest online course I found was through University of Northern Colorado (less than $700), it is self-paced and you have up to a year to complete it. Definitely recommend that! I bought my books used online, but as CDG said, if you buy the bundle through the bookstore you get the code to access all your e-books which can be handy because yes, they are massive. And no, I do not take them to class. Although sometimes I do if I have to do work at school between odd hours! Also, for the person who asked about Apple computers, I have a mac book and have no problem doing all my school work and accessing everything from there. All her recommendations were awesome -- My one other recommendation is to buy a nurses drug guide because this has been really helpful to me in clinical and writing care plans. And buy a planner and get organized as soon as the semester starts. Its overwhelming, but you'll survive! I think many 2nd degree nursing programs can be unorganized and I actually think our program is better than most (scary thought). If you have any questions feel free to ask. If you are from out of town and need help finding a place to live or recommendations, let me know because I was in that situation and it was tough to do from far away (I'm from NJ)
  2. cbrubaker05

    Salisbury Accelerated BSN Applicants for 2013

  3. cbrubaker05

    Salisbury Accelerated BSN Applicants for 2013

    awesome news LotusBean!! Here is a link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/530560586986691/ pass it along if you know anyone else that was accepted -- only 3 members in the group so far haha. I like dogs and am hoping to bring my dog with me, I'm waiting to find out the class schedule because I don't want to leave him alone for long days, or else he is going to have to live with my parents =( What kind of dog do you have?
  4. cbrubaker05

    RN to..Nutritionist? Fused position?

    Hey all, I am interested in the same thing--currently researching accelerated 2nd degree programs to get my BSN. I am curious what kind of jobs/degrees you all ended up pursuing? Thanks!! =)
  5. cbrubaker05

    Career Options with RN

    I am wondering what other career opportunities exist for BSN/RN? I am really interested in healthcare, health promotion, education/awareness, working in labs, basically all aspects of physical sciences and working with people, but I am not sure I want to be in acute/bedside care my whole career. Just wondering what else is out there to think and dream about!!
  6. cbrubaker05

    International Public Health

    Yes, Melrose, any update on what you decided to pursue? I am debating very similar things!
  7. cbrubaker05

    How can I make application attractive for ABSN?

    Hi TheSquire, I am debating between direct-entry masters program and an accelerated BSN program (I will be a 2nd degree student as well). Just wondering how your program turned out, do you think you were any more/less limited by the MSN with no experience as opposed to BSN? Ideally I would want a BSN/MSN program because I have heard warnings about graduating without a BSN due to job requirements in the future.
  8. cbrubaker05

    Accelerated BSN Program help

    Hi AggieEMT, I'm very interested in community/public health but haven't found ABSN programs with that sort of focus--can you suggest any to look into? Thanks!
  9. I'm looking for the same kind of guidance--accelerated 2nd degree BSN or direct-entry CNL MSN program. I'm planning to work as a bedside nurse for a few years but I definitely see myself going back to school for an advanced degree eventually anyway. That is why I am leaning towards MSN program, but I don't want to limit my job opportunities after graduation. Any advice on jobs available for MSN-CLN grads?? Thanks!
  10. cbrubaker05

    Is an MSN-"CNL" a good place to start my career

    I also have the same dilemna! Not sure which to pursue or what my job outlook will be like. I'm new to posting but have been reading the forums for awhile!
  11. Has anyone heard anything else about this? I am wondering the same exact thing...if I pursue direct-entry CNL MSN program instead of an accelerated 2nd degree BSN program, will I have different/less/more job opportunities? I still want to work for a few years as a bedside nurse to nail down what interests me most, but I know myself and I will most likely pursue and advanced nursing degree in the future anyway, so I figure a master's degree is a better choice than second bachelor degree...or am I totally wrong?? Thanks!
  12. cbrubaker05

    CNL vs ABSN

    Hello, I'm new to posting on the boards but have been reading a lot since deciding to change my career to the healthcare field. I have a BS in international business but would love to work in healthcare. I'm very interested in health promotion and nutrition education. I have been researching accelerated 2nd degree programs, and I am wondering about the value of these compared to CNL programs. Does anyone know of any programs that allow you to "specialize" your CNL studies? If I go the accelerated BSN route, I definitely plan on returning to school to become an advanced practice nurse--does CNL help/hurt this at all? I'm trying to think this out so I make the most of my time and can avoid being in school forever. Is there any drawback in terms of finding employment? I have read in other threads that CNL grads are pretty much considered the same as ABSN grads, but I want to make sure its not MORE difficult to find a job as a CNL? Anyone with any insight to offer on specific programs or nutrition education/wellness promotion options for nursing career would be great...thanks! nice to join the community!