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awheat has 2 years experience and specializes in Med-Surg.

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  1. awheat

    Abdominal Binder or Back Brace?

    I go on Monday, the 6th, for a 0730 surgery. They said I would be going home Tuesday afternoon. No one said anything about a brace or measured me yet, it is all happening so fast. From my time working the floor it took day(s) for fitted equipment to arrive, but then that was on a Medical Floor not Ortho, so maybe I am just jumping ahead and need to slow my mind down. I will do as you say and try to trust the team. If a brace is not provided, then I will ask the surgeon (before D/C for sure). Thanks!
  2. awheat

    how to locate reputable agencies as a new LPN?

    I was told by a nursing instructor in school that "No reputable Home Health Agency would hire a nurse who did not have at least one year's nursing experience". The reason is, you do not know what normal is. You do not know how to recognize when a s/s is a chronic issue versus something critical that must be addressed. Any company who would hire a new nurse with no experience is not putting the patient's interests first - and neither is the new nurse. I know it is hard to find experience but do you really want to endanger your patients?
  3. Which is more appropriate for at home post-surgical recovery from an L-5 S-1 Laminectomy: an abdominal binder or a back brace? I am supposed to do no "bending, twisting, or lifting" for 2 weeks post surgery. I can comply with the lifting part, it is the bending and/or twisting I am worried about and was thinking a binder might help "remind" me not to move inappropriately. Any thoughts? And, by the way, here's wishing all my fellow nurses an early Happy Nurses Week!
  4. awheat

    How long did you stay at your 1st job?

    Two years, honoring the contract I agreed to (to the day).
  5. awheat

    HELP! New Grad> Two offers on the table: ER & ICU

    These are two totally different mindsets and patient care issues...ER seems to be about the skill and the procedure - the pt is either "treated and streeted" or sent to the floors/ICU. In the ICU you meet all the needs of the pt (and their family/friends) - often there is not an aide to help you (with bathing, turning, changing, pericare, feeding etc). Are you a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants personality or a quick-and-steady-wins-the-race?
  6. awheat

    Phone Interviews!

    Get up and get ready/dressed just like you would for an in-person interview. This will help put you in the right frame of mind. Also, smile - people really can hear it in your voice. Good Luck!!
  7. awheat

    The "Why don't you become a doctor" question

    Try this one" "If I flunk out of Nursing School I always have Med-School to fall back on". :)
  8. awheat

    moving from psych to medsurg-NERVOUS!!

    Check orders off (including all meds on MAR) as soon as you get report and check your patients - administration will tell you it is the night nurse's responsibility and that you should get this info in report - but it is your responsibility to your patient and your license to do so, so do not let admin "talk" you into shortcuts.
  9. awheat

    Acute or Chronic Dialysis Nursing?

    I would like to know the responses to this question also. I am a M/S nurse who starts at an outpatient dialysis clinic tomorrow - one of the reasons it looks so attractive to me is the repetition (not to say I do not have to be on my toes to intervene when needed).
  10. awheat

    A New Grad's Dilemma

    A nurse I graduated with went to ICU, then after a year transitioned to a NICU position at another hospital - that may be the route you should try. Good Luck!
  11. awheat

    RN question?

    Intelligence. Time management. Support system. Study group. Critical thinking. The information is not handed to you on a plate. You hear the lectures, read the material, watch the videos, learn the information. But questions are not regurgitation of information, they require you to know why each "distractor" is mostly wrong, and why the right answer is the "most correct" choice. It can be done, is done every year by thousands of people. They don't clean the house, or do the laundry, or go out on dates - but they get it done. Good Luck.
  12. awheat

    Ever lost a job offer because of your reference?

    Here is a thing to think about: when I asked my manager for a reference (left on good terms) she told me the facility would not allow her to give any references. I thought this was bogus, but checked it out and no, the manager could get in trouble for doing so. I have co-workers who are willing to help, but a recent application demanded references be from previous managers (did not get called in for interview). So what do you do - ask a prospective employer if they can give references if, after you get the job, you chose to move on 5 years from now?
  13. We spend umpteen hours in school learning that each patient is different and that we must embrace/work with such diversity by tailor-crafting our care plan to meet them on their turf...then must recite a script identically to each patient...really!! Who thinks up this stuff? "Is there anything else I can do for you? I have the time." - NOT
  14. First of all: Does your school have a counselor? I went thru an ADN program and we had one. Some people thought she was just for scheduling/financial issues but she was so much more. I saw her for 9 months and credit her for much of my success - and by the way I graduated with the highest GPA of our class (which included clinical grades, not just academic testing). Here is a shocker - what you said "all the other students do not have a single problem verbalizing..." is not true. I was terrified EACH clinical -who would I get, what if I did not know, what if I do something wrong? I would prepare, stay up late, freak out, cry - it is what we, as nursing students do. I think maybe because of your "low self-esteem" you may be a little ego-centric - this is NOT an attack. I know of which I speak from personal experience - you see yourself in such unfavorable light that you think everyone else does also, which is not true. Yes, there are bullies out there, (even in college) and what comes around goes around. Talk to the freshman lead (instructor) and see what is available - they WANT you to succeed. You have to want to, too. I am a good nurse, you will be too. Help yourself now so you can help others later. We need you!

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