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  1. Stormy_sun

    GCU or ASU??

  2. Stormy_sun

    Any benefits with joining Phi Theta Kappa?

    ...also, being a member saved me money on my car insurance. Ha! No lie. :)
  3. Stormy_sun

    TEAS Test in Phoenix, AZ

    Go to the ATI testing site to sign up & pay through them. I can't post a direct link but if you go to www.atitesting.com on the main page to the right is a link to "Register for TEAS" Then you put in your state, and city. Right now the only testing dates for GCU are showing up in Tuscon, but someone at GCU said they put up new dates all the time. So either keep checking back (if Tuscon doesn't work for you) or call the nursing department and someone could probably tell you when the next Phoenix testing date is. Good luck!
  4. Stormy_sun

    Pathophysiology Spring 2012

    I'm also taking Patho online this semester. I'm a little nervous only because I don't know what to expect from the class.. but have done many online classes before so hopefully it won't be too difficult! I took Statistics last semester and was scared to death.. but all in vain. I ended up really enjoying the class (and getting an A). All it really is is a bunch of formulas you learn to plug numbers in. There's fancy names and symbols for things which makes it a little intimidating at first... until you realize that's really all there is to it. So don't sweat it.. and I kept all my notes and am willing to help if anyone needs it. :)