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  1. Vail seasonal employment

    I am interested in moving Vail Valley and am curious about VVMC. I am currently a PACU nurse with ICU experience, ACLS, PALS and CCRN. Do you have any insight on the PACU at VVMC? Would love to take a seasonal assignment next winter!
  2. UCD FNP 2013

    Does anyone have any feedback on UC Denver's FNP program, likes/dislikes? I applied for fall 2013 and know that there are tons of applicants to only a few program spots. Fingers crossed for an interview!
  3. Paying Off Student Loans - Happy New Year!

    at least unlike other college degrees we have jobs that allow us to pay them off!
  4. Paying Off Student Loans - Happy New Year!

    student loans...can't wait to have them all paid off!
  5. new graduate..

    ICU is the best place to start, you will learn SO much and be "marketable" to transition anywhere after that based on your ICU experience!
  6. Roll belt!! and bed alarm
  7. Help! Just started as a new grad RN. Struggling and need some advice!

    Totally normal feeling. In about 6 months you will feel it "click" and start to feel confident in your nursing. Until then just keep on learning, asking questions and for help when needed! You'll get in the groove in no time!
  8. I work at a large academic medical center and we are in a similar situation. We have 23 ORs and 20 PACU Bays. Our hospital is on red light so much of the time that we end up "boarding" patients and putting ORs on hold. We simply need more space and m...
  9. Going from nights to days

    Your body will love you on day shift. I did rotating shifts for the first 2.5 years in the ICU and in general I liked nights better because they were quieter and less people around. I recently switched to the PACU where we do a variety of day shifts ...