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  1. KAN44

    OKCU: Kramer nursing Fall 2014

    Hey guys, Is there anyone else out there who will be starting this fall 2014 at Kamer school of nursing? It would be nice to meet other nursing students out there as well as get some helpful information! :) I will be starting there this fall 2014 and I'm doing the accelerated nursing program. I'm really excited and very nervous at the same time! I live in Texas, but I am originally from California so I don't know much about Oklahoma. Thank you so much!!! :)
  2. So I been studying so much for this test and took practice tests online. After reading everyone's post I am so nervous about the test especially that it is timed. Do you guys haveany tips? And what would be a good score? Did you take it in the computer? Thank you!
  3. KAN44

    So relieved - TEAS passed!

    Wow Congrats!!!!! That's awesome, I hope I get as good as a score when I take TEAS this Friday
  4. I took both Anatomy 2 and microbiology last semester, and I remember that it was tough but it is do able. I received A's in both classes! So you can do it to as long as you remain focus and study study study. I suggest you have study groups with other class mates and keep up with reading the materials. I found it helpful to record the lectures and read the chapters before and after class even if it was the summary.
  5. KAN44

    Retake Micro and A&P 2

    Hey everyone! So the semester is just about over and looks as if I will be getting B in both Anatomy and microbiology. :3 After hearing about all these people including one of my friends who didn't into the program for Spring semester with ALL A's in their science classes, it REALLY WORRIES me that my B's in science classes will not get me into the program. I don't know if I should retake my classes or what?! My parents are telling me to move on and don't retake the classes. I feel like I must retake these classes to be more competitive..but will it make a difference if I'm already going to start applying for nursing schools for FAll 2012?