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  1. lilliteningpea

    VA Hiring Process

    I had a call last week that I was "selected" for a position at the VA. The HR man sent me an email on all the things that were to happen. I was so psyched. I have an apt for physical and fingerprinting on the 5th of september, just finished vetpro. I think I forgot a lot on vetpro and don't feel i filled it out correctly. They said they wanted me to start on the 23rd of septemeber then someone else emailed me about doing vetpro and said this is not a job offer, boy am I confused. Still waiting for an email to equip. I emailed my references to the HR man who called first and he called and talked to all of them the same day. I also put references on vetpro, not sure how this is all going. I'm just worried and scared, I want this job so bad. I know i'll pass the physical and fingerprinting with no problems, but I am worried about this vetpro business. I've been working in mental health for over 10 1/2 years, but was often cut because of budget cuts after a year of employment at most places, that's what i'm worried about most. Anyone have any comforting words...lol...actually i just wanna know what might happen next and do you think this is a job offer. Thanks in advance for helping my whinny butt...oh the position was for LPN in their inpatient unit.
  2. lilliteningpea

    Nclex in 2 days.....december 2011 question

    i just took mine this past fri, the 9th....just breath....i don't know what else to say...i'll be praying for you
  3. lilliteningpea

    Has anyone recently taken the exam?

    mine didnt say previously passed, it says our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Please contact your member board for further asssitance. andother registration can not be made at the time.. does that mean i passed took it this am and am sick with worry...it shut off at 85 or 86 any help is appreciated
  4. I think it changes...just took mine today and waiting to see what happens....i'm also from Pa so please let me know if you find out first