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  1. pernella

    I need to share this...

    I always get "I LOVED my school nurse when I was a kid!"
  2. pernella

    Epi Pen Organization

    If they don't self carry we keep personal EpiPens in the office in a filing cabinet like all the other meds. We also have stock EpiPen Jr's and adult EpiPens in the office (middle school). Both the care plans and the med cards have a post it listing which classroom the student is at each period. One of the high school nurses has a small emergency bag and one of the stock doses is kept in there at all times so she can grab and go. In an emergency campus supervisors will roll up to the office in a golf cart and drive me where I need to go instead of me attempting to run there.
  3. I had a kid come to me with pain from a regular run of the mill ingrown toenail. There was nothing I could do. I don't have anything to set up a foot soak, I technically can't do nail care outside of cleaning nails, not enough nail to do the wet cotton trick. So I just explained how to properly trim toenails and sent him back to class.
  4. pernella

    Pills in Baggies...

    I love when my kids come to me, hold up their baggie and say "I came to take this". Pretty sure you just blew it for your mom kid. This has happened with everything from antibiotics to Tylenol to Benadryl.
  5. pernella

    Last day?

    June 2nd. Last week of school is a four day week thanks to Memorial Day
  6. I work on a step down unit that is notoriously disorganized. We've been through multiple managers (probably a large part of the problem) and our new manager, who's new to managing, is asking the senior nurses on the floor for help getting us all on one page. Administration has been implementing/changing policies frequently, it's hard to keep everyone up to date on what's new and make sure they remember to follow through. Example: We have a new policy where if we get a transfer order but no bed is available the status changes automatically after two hours. That means we have to note all transfer orders even if they haven't left the floor. I'm totally guilty of forgetting this myself. When the patient finally gets to med/surg we get complaints that the transfer orders were never noted. We've done weekly updates, checklists, posted signs in break room and at the station,meetings, ect but for every new task we're asked to do, we forget something. Other floors are keeping up, in fact they're the reason we're realizing how bad the problem is. Every time we forget they complain to their manager who then complains to our manager. I can't figure out what they're doing differently and I've asked nurses who work on floors who very consistent as far as keeping up with changes. I need help helping my floor.