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  1. fibroglandular parenchyma

    can anyone explain to me what "fibroglandular parenchyma bilaterally with symmetry within right breast" means?
  2. Do Nurses have to do the following??

    Why wouldn't you clean them up? Some hospitals only have RNs, wonder who does the dirty work there?
  3. You know you're in nursing school when....

    you go to the lake for the weekend and you have an extra suitcase packed and its full of your school books...
  4. What do you think are the best qualities a Nurse should have??

    Compassion and Honesty....
  5. You will be slow at's something will be extra'll probably float around to different halls for a while...but then one day it will all fall into place...and don't forget, even nurses who have worked the same hall with...
  6. 50 Years Old and Just Became a CNA Would Like to be RN

    GO FOR IT!!!!!
  7. Seems we've chewed on this one enough....Anyone got any more good test questions...I really enjoyed this.
  8. That's what I was trying to say when I said it's a trick is all in the wording..I would answer D. Thank you for saying it clearer than I did.:)
  9. I thought hospice was about allowing a person to die with dignity. If so, then allow me dignity, help me to remember who I am and who my loved ones are.
  10. it's a trick question...which intervention would not appear in this plan of care? d. is saying to avoid the poc would not say to "avoid" i making sense?
  11. Dealing with apathetic doctors

    Our office is blessed with some great MDs. One who happens to be out medical director is really the best..we call him anytime and he does what he can over the phone and thanks us for calling him. I've called him lots of times and have never felt inti...
  12. CNAs and the dining room in ALF

    maybe i'm wrong...i worked in ltc...are alf rules different?
  13. CNAs and the dining room in ALF

    they need to talk to state...see what they think about it...dietary can't do cna work...they aren't certified for it..or are they and vice versa. when i worked in ltc, trays were pushed out to the dining room on carts by dietary staff...cna's and nur...
  14. I was on this drug for anxiety. It helped with the anxiety really well, but it got to where I could just blink and the most horrible images would come into my mind, and in full color. This happened several times while I was driving. It happened at ot...
  15. crazy bereavement rules

    A few years ago, my ex mother-in-law was on her dying bed. I called work to report I would not be there for the 3 pm shift and the reason why. I was told by the DON of the LTC I worked at that this woman was no longer my MIL and I would report for wo...