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  1. Hi everyone, I just started working in a large teaching hospital to do bedside nursing. I'm not a new nurse. I've been working in dialysis for 8 years. That's my background in nursing. I know that bedside is not for me but I needed to get my foot in the door. I have a strong interest in OR nursing. It might be a little technical like dialysis, which I do like cause I'm very technical, please correct me if I'm wrong about that. And I do know it requires to be on call, just like it did with acute dialysis. They do have several OR openings for the Main OR but I've only been with the hospital for one month. Has anyone here been able to transfer to OR after being employed after six months? That's when I plan to submit for a transfer. Thanks
  2. magnum68

    Anyone needing a job....

    Well, this is how mine is set up: After my three month orientation I count six months and will receive 1/4 (25%) of the 24000 which is 6000. Then six months later 6000 more until two years at which time the full 24000 will be paid. So I am not bound to stay for two years, but I wont get the full 24 if I dont. Now, reading my papers it says if they pay for your relocation, which can be up to 4000 (this would include moving expenses) you would have to repay that if leave before 24 months. With me, they didnt pay for moving expenses due to I didnt move anything down here-to this day I have a blow up bed in my apartment, and my computer and that is it! That is what accounts for relocation. They paid for my first months rent 675, and deposit 250, they paid for me to come down for interview 315, and they paid for my stay in the laquinta for m;y interview. They also paid for me to stay at laquinta whilst I set up my apartment deal. Now, they started me at 20.39 as new grad, and now that on night shift 22.39. Yes, that is lower than the 24 that dallas pays, however the rent is cheaper and with not much to do I am not spending much money. You wont have a long drive to work either, I think the whole town can be traveled in less than 10 minutes. In today's economy it is rare to get any type of bonus at all, not to mention a job. Weekend differential is paid, though I havent worked weekend yet, but was told I would make around four dollars more on weekend. After orientation you can work as much as desire. I even talked to a woman that lives in Houston and works PRN for fort duncan and they pay for her to drive in and stay at the laquinta for whatever they need her for, then she just drives back to Houston after her few days of working. So, I feel this is a great place to start and I hope it helps those who are willing to relocate. That is so good to know. mom35 I want to thank you for providing this info. You are awesome.
  3. magnum68

    Anyone needing a job....

    Thanks for the info. It's really worth looking into.
  4. magnum68

    New RN Advice!

    I too did not do med/surge. Did not want to deal with all that chaos. I went straight into dialysis but now I want to do Psych nursing.
  5. Hi prettielady, I've been a RN since 2006.
  6. Hi, I'm a Dialysis RN, been doing only dialysis nursing since I became a RN. I really got bored of it and I feel that I am not that marketable because that is the only nursing experience that I have. I've always had a desire to work in the ED but now a days hospitals only want to hire RNs with experience. I was wondering if I volunteered in an ED, would that help me land a job with that hospital or any hospital? I just here so much that new grads are volunteering in order to get their feet in the door.
  7. magnum68

    Failed pre-employment drug screen

    Are you serious?
  8. magnum68

    Speaking foreign languages

    It's not just filipinos only, here in Miami, FL there are a ton of cuban nurses that speak spanish all the time in front of everyone. I've seen some of these nurses ask the doctor to give them their orders in spanish because they couldn't understand english that well.
  9. magnum68

    decision..psych or telemetry? help!

    You have a good amount of Pros in your current job. If it's not broken then don't fix it. I had to say that
  10. She's asking for advice. Why are you making her look bad?
  11. Good for you. Do what's best for you and your family. These employers won't think twice if they have to get rid of you for any little reason.
  12. magnum68

    Reasonable payrate! Please help!!!!

    Are you a LPN or RN new grad?
  13. magnum68

    ER vs. Dialysis (New Grad)

    That is AWESOME! I'm very glad for you. Congrats