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  1. amg1961

    New nurse

    First, it's a great profession for the right person. That applies to both being a nursing student as well as being a nurse. I finished my BSN in December and just finished my first year as a floor nurse at a large urban hospital. There are a lot of differences between being a student and being a hospital nurse that doesn't get covered in school. While you are a student, you are juggling the coursework, studying for tests and attending clinicals. I found it all-consuming time-wise but very rewarding. You make some good friends and you learn how to manage your time really well. As for work - 12 hour shifts (day or night) are bone-weary but when you walk out the hospital door you are leaving your work behind. Your time home is spent as you want - family oriented, exercise oriented, hobby oriented. All these were sacrificed while I went to school. If you really want to work with people, feel a great deal of satisfaction for your efforts and make a difference in other people's lives, can stand the physical abuse your body will take, love to be challenged - then continue on and become a nurse. Good luck!
  2. amg1961

    New Grad starting in Neuro ICU Gift Ideas.

    I agree with amoLucia that a good flashlight/penlight is important (buy more than one as you tend to lose them when you lend them to other nurses). Also a few pairs of scissors (all great stocking stuffers for the holidays).
  3. amg1961

    Admitted George Washington ABSN Fall 2014

    Be careful - the GW nursing program is located the suburbs of DC - Ashburn VA. There is no access to metro from the location (used to be farmland). There is great biking opportunities on the W&OD bike trail, though. I just wanted to make sure you don't think the program is in DC - which is turning into a big biking town slowly.
  4. amg1961

    New Grad needs a Job - discouraged

    Have you considered George Washington University Hospital in DC? They hired me last year with just a ASN and I am currently working on my BSN at GWU online. This is a real urban hospital - fast paced, 12 hour shifts but fantastic learning opportunities. Look at their online job postings - especially those labeled intern. You will need your DC license but having that opens doors in DC. As for INOVA, I heard they really only look for BSN and experience. With any of these hospitals, it really pays to know someone who can vouch for you in HR. Good luck!
  5. Summer03 - I'm graduating this May '13 and would love to get a job at INOVA. Any advice in applying?
  6. Tricia328, I'm in the online hybrid program, last semester. My credentials where : GPA - Somewhere around 3.7 TEAS - 96 No certifications, besides CPR when they made me do it. Here's some advice I can pass on - it's easier to get into the program in the Spring class than the Fall. There is no perfect application -just be organized. The office and instructors can seem very disorganized and they can give conflicting information sometimes. Also, there is flexibility in the pre-reqs. For example I took only one semester of chemistry because I needed to get into the microbiology course to meet the application deadline. I visited the assistant dean and she signed off since I was going into nursing and got a B+ in the chem class. There is no essay in the NVCC application - just follow the checklist requirements (if there still is a checklist?!). Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.