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  1. In September 2011, in recognition of National Wellness Week, the Center for Integrated Health Solutions published a list of 10 recommended domains for promoting "whole health, wellness and resiliency." This list includes the expected support for heal...
  2. I am sad to say that you are right to be suspicious. During my years as a hospice physician (I'm now retired) I saw a change occurring in the industry. When our own hospice was taken over by a for-profit company whose CEO was an MBA who knew nothing ...
  3. Journey along the palliative care bridge to hospice

    I so agree with your article. As a retired hospice physician I see the huge need for more palliative care in the US and, of course, for more open discussion. As a society we are death-phobic and chase after futile cures and promises of immortality be...
  4. Spirituality in Nursing

    I am very impressed with this article and very much in agreement. As a family practice and hospice physician (now retired) I believe very strongly in the importance of addressing In fact I believe that much of our over-utilization of the medical sys...

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