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  1. Okayestdad78

    New RNs making more than experienced RNs

    I'd contact your HR and ask about the "discrepancy". It sounds like your employer may have a potential issue when their wage practices are discovered.
  2. Okayestdad78

    Where do I go from here?

    Telehealth, nurse recruiting, there are also many work from home positions. Care navigator, discharge coordinator, educator, quality managment, infection prevention, the list goes on forever.
  3. Okayestdad78

    Would this be considered abandonment?

    Yes by definition patient abandonment. You may also want to research how many hours straight RNs are allowed to work. Management is also obligated to ensure safe staffing is present. You cannot abandon patients but they cannot also make you work past a safe amount of hours. Also: run! This job is not worth it.
  4. Okayestdad78

    Lazy patient

    If the patient is 100% able to provide the care themselves you document that they refused and yes leave them. It is unfortunate, yes but the patient is making the choice and patients are free to make poor choices. The patient is choosing to sit in their own filth. Obligating the nurse to bathe a patient that can otherwise do so themself 1.) takes time away from patients that need care 2.) is providing a service to a patient that they do not require. Nurse are medical professionals and are not obligated to wait on fully functioning adults that treat them like servants. Just my opinion that I clearly feel strongly about.
  5. Okayestdad78

    Lazy patient

    Absolutely not. If they demonstrate the physical and cognitive ability you are only obligated to set them up, ensure that they are safe and leave the call light within reach. By allowing them to perform self-care is taking care of him/her. Bending to their whim can lead to deconditioning and loss of ADLs. That being said you should thoroughly assess if they can perform their own ADLs prior. Coaching them through their ADLs may be a way to meet them in the middle and see if they lack the ability.
  6. Okayestdad78

    ANCC Gerontological Nurse Certification

    So, this has been asked a few times on here but I am not finding a clear answer. I am working on picking up a few certifications for work. I am presently studying for my gerontological nurse certification and then I have my sights set on my palliative certification. Looking for tips on studying and how difficult they are. Everyone tells me that as long as you have a few years experience I should be fine. But, they can be expensive and I am a little neurotic about being prepared. Plus they are expensive and I have to drive an hour to take them. Thank you in advance for tips and advice!
  7. Okayestdad78

    Frustrated.. LVN license delayed

    I have only seen that happen processing people for the Army. When did they have you feel out that paperwork? I didn't get asked any of those questions while applying to the school I am in. Was it for the NNCLEX?

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