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  1. biscuit

    decide to start a nursing career at 40!!

    P.S. hey, if anyone out there can somehow email a sample of oneof there tests,I would greatly appreciate it!!! :-) ------------------
  2. biscuit

    decide to start a nursing career at 40!!

    Silly question.I have to take my assesment test to see where I am academically.It's a untimed computerized test.How does one prepare for this type of test.The college does not have a learning center.I know it consists of reading comp. basic algebra and writing. HELP!!!! :-( ------------------
  3. biscuit

    decide to start a nursing career at 40!!

    Hey Shannon! Thanks for your response and encouragement. I truely believe that I can make it.The first step is the hardest and that's getting everything situated.Financially speaking I think that's what frightens me the most!!
  4. biscuit

    Nursing is pathetic...

    where are you located.Curious. ------------------
  5. biscuit


    I just looked into a nursing program during lunch.Such extensive courses.If I work full time what courses should I take after my pre-req's
  6. biscuit

    Older Student looking for e-mail buddies

    Hey!! I too am a late bloomer. 40yrs of age and need to know what courses after my pre-req's. should I take. I need to work full time (single self supporting) and what is the average salary for an LPN... HELP!!! I freaking. A bit scared. ------------------
  7. biscuit

    cost of books

    can someone give me an idea of what the cost of books will be?? ------------------
  8. biscuit

    decide to start a nursing career at 40!!

    Thanks for the info.What I plan on going to a 2yr college to start.I need to figure out my finances re: books and all.Are they expensive??
  9. biscuit

    med-surg semester

    Can anyone tell me as a new student,if i'm able to work full time and go to school full time? have not started as of yet planning to start in the fall.Going for 2yr program first. Desperately seeking advise!!!!
  10. biscuit

    decide to start a nursing career at 40!!

    When you say you'll have no life while in nursing school,that scares me even more! Is there no balance? Can I squeeze in a movie here and there
  11. biscuit


    Hey there!! I am just starting a carrer in nursing at 40!! So scared.I've benn reading the postings and it sounds so intense.What exactly goes on in Med-Surg.nursing??
  12. Sooooo scared.I've always had a passion for nursing. Going to do it finally but need some helpful hints from you all.Please help.The courses are sooo intense.They've upgraded since years back.Haven't studied in a looooong time.Starting from sratch pre-req's. and all. How do I start?????