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Wordy RN

Wordy RN

Neurosurgery, Emergency nursing
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Wordy RN has 5 years experience and specializes in Neurosurgery, Emergency nursing.

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  1. Wordy RN

    Regis College Online PMHNP Spring 2020

    I did a semester in Spring 2019 and dropped out. I am reapplying for Spring 2021.
  2. Wordy RN

    Regis College Online PMHNP Spring 2020

    How are you guys liking it so far? Did you start clinicals?
  3. Hi! I am applying for the psych NP Program at Regis. Can you give me some info about how you liked it?

  4. Wordy RN

    * Calling All psych NPs *

    Did you finish the program? Any advice?
  5. Wordy RN

    USA Fall 2011 MSN/FNP program

    I am interested in applying for the FNP program. How do you guys like USA so far?
  6. Wordy RN

    NP in ER which degree is best?

    I currently work as an ER nurse. I would like to work in the ER a NP. Is it better to get a FNP degree or a blended critical care/emergency degree? I have heard of nurses who have not been able to get a job because they don't have suturing and radiology skills. Also if anyone graduated from University of South Alabama please share your thoughts on their online MSN programs.