Emergent pre-hospital care as a medic

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celtchick68 specializes in Emergent pre-hospital care as a medic.

I'm a 40 something mother of 4. I was a paramedic for 15 years before entering nursing school. I graduated Spring 2012 from the ADN program and currently work in the ER as a RN.

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  1. Have you ever lost it with a patient?

    Just last week. Frequent flier, 3rd visit that week, drunk, high on Percocet, comes in to detox. (sure ya did, just like the other 2 times). He's loud, obnoxious, cussing up a storm, F bombs all over the place. I repeatedly asked him to keep it d...
  2. Unable to answer family questions about DVT.

    Ruby, I believe the idea is that we're nurses. We're educated. We should be capable of answering basic questions about disease processes when asked. We deal with doctors who explain a patient's dx with them and their family and the family still h...
  3. Advice needed

    Me? I'd do it. You'll learn more in the ER and should be able to rely on hours. The ER isn't like med surg where it's reliant on census. You never know in the ER.
  4. Unable to answer family questions about DVT.

    I have been a nurse for the same time period (2.5 months) and frequently come across these issues. While I may be familiar with the answers to a particular diagnosis I'm somewhat hesitant to discuss it with patients because I'm uncertain exactly wha...
  5. Dress Code at Vidant Medical Center

    I work for Vidant and the nurses wear black or white. Can be all black or all white or black pants/white top or white pants black top. No prints. Shoes are up to you--any color.
  6. Grady Interview for ER

    I've not had an interview with Grady but the ER I work in asked several prioritization type questions not so much treatment questions as each place may have their own protocol for specific complaints.
  7. A week in the ER?!

    In my ER we frequently hold IVC patients for days while trying to find placement. My facility has a 30 bed psych unit but it's always full. Usually when one is discharged and on the way down in the elevator we have one we're taking up in the other ...
  8. Caring For NICU Parents

    Awesome points to consider and keep in mind. My 3rd baby was a NICU baby. She was born at 38 weeks via emergency c-section after cord prolapse. Very scary to see your child limp and blue with the NICU team performing CPR and intubating. She was ...
  9. Pregnant and 8 hour night shift.

    Your employer isn't required to make any accommodations for you. Childcare is the sole responsibility of the parent. I can't fathom anyone thinking otherwise. I know plenty of people who were able to switch shifts or whatever to accommodate their ...
  10. More RN to EMT and Paramedic questions

    Guess that all depends on the state you're in. I'm in NC and on the MICU trucks and air medical helicopters nurses function as a nurse on any scene run. They work side by side with medics and do everything to include intubating patients in the fiel...
  11. Pregnancy & PRN

    All they can say is 'no'. (that would be discrimination to not hire you based on pregnancy status just as an aside) I'd fill out the applications and see what happens.
  12. How does inexperienced RN do ER?

    I just started in the ER as a new grad. I did have 15 years of experience as a paramedic in the same county so I was known to the ER staff. I tried to get on with a couple of larger hospitals but they wouldn't even consider me as a new grad in the ...
  13. Please Help me decide

    The ER position without a doubt. Acute care settings will enhance and improve your assessment skills with a wide variety of patients: infants, peds, adults, geriatrics as well as a variety of illnesses and traumas.
  14. Food stamp violation

    as a side note: I responded to this post with a comment as opposed to an official "reply" and was given a box that said my comment had to be reviewed by a moderator? what's up with that?
  15. Food stamp violation

    I had a food stamp felony conviction on my record from 18 years ago. I was admitted to the program, graduated and passed the NCLEX on June 5 of this year. I was granted my nursing license and started my first job in the ER last week. It obviously...