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burned out nurse trying to find a new niche

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  1. Roll Call, LPN to RN Students!!!

    Hi, I am an LVN working in an ENT surgical practice for almost 2 years. I have been a nurse since 1991, am working on my ADN. I am doing the self paced thing and have 3 courses left before I can sign up for the CPNE. I am soooooooooo burned out righ...
  2. Needing information about CLEP

    :) What type of program are you looking for? I am an LVN working for RN and have clepped out of psch and sociology and these are good for whichever type of program you go through. I am doing the distance learning with Excelsior college Deb
  3. Well, I have two. The first is when I was working home health and I was sent out to see an old guy who had open wounds. He lived in a very raggedy trailor house, but as I got out of my car and headed to the door I began to smell this terrible smell...
  4. Well,nursing school alone is enough to put a person over the edge with all the stress and all. But there is one thing I see in this picture and it is the very reason you SHOULD be a nurse! :) Because we need more smart nurses who know how to take c...
  5. What is your specialty, and why do you like it?

    I started off as a volunteer EMT to "get my feet wet" and absolutely loved it. I have been an LVN since 1992, am working on my ADN now but have worked alot of home health and really like that. Have done pediatrics, geriatrics, hospice and it is great...
  6. just a question about Texas

    Today the weather is in the low 80's, cloudy and humid. I am in the Ft. Worth area. This is a really nice day here to me. Have lived in Tx. all my life. Rarely do we see over an inch or two of snow, even that is rare. Not very many days below free...
  7. lpn to rn help!!!

    I took all my basics through them and have done real well, although it has been alot slower than I anticipated. The only problem I have had really was with NC2. I failed it. I went through Chancellors learning systems and I do not feel the informat...
  8. 3 down 6 to go

    I have taken 6-7 classes so far, I have done well until I took NC2 and failed it. I am studying to retake it now. I felt very unprepared for this one. How are you studying for these exams? I guess you are enrolled also since you are studying NC3....
  9. lpn to rn help!!!

    I have taken alot of Excelsior college exams and am now about to take Nursing concepts II. What kind of question do you have?
  10. Kansas no longer accepting EC

    Tell me more about the Deaconess program please.
  11. Dealing With Aggressive Coworkers

    You know, I am dealing with the exact same thing but I work with a medical assistant who bullies everyone around and actually acts like she is the doctor. It drives me crazy and I try and only act when it is a big deal. Otherwise I just tolerate her.
  12. Brown Mackie Colleges in Indiana

    What is this? Is it an online nursing program?
  13. What does your spouse do?

    My husband is an inspector/ electrician for the city of Ft. Worth Texas:)
  14. Dr. Phil today

    sounds like :stone Dr Phil is making a sexist, statement to me!
  15. books or study guides

    :) It all depends on the type of learner you are. I have used Chancellors Learning System for my prereqs. I would not buy any guides off anyone because they are constantly updating them. With the way I am going, you buy a study guide and it gives ...