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  1. Simone Pointer

    LPN-RN Bridge ( Ga. Highlands)

    Hi, I'm currently registered in the LPN-RN hybrid program and I keep hearing about Judith Miller tutoring CDs. Do anyone know were I can purchase a used set?
  2. Simone Pointer

    Passed nclex-pn

    I told my friend who took the exam today also to try and re-register like you initially did. If it does not take your credit card information, it will say that you passed. Let me know how it goes. How many questions did you get? Why do you say it was brutal?
  3. Simone Pointer

    Passed nclex-pn

    Hello I am one week from taking my Exam ( Dec 8 ) and I am so nervous. Thanks to all of the readings on here to know that I am not the only one who was nervous. I keep telling myself to be confident and that I am going to pass. I study anywhere between 200 - 300 questions a day ( study mode ) and I hope that I am not just memorizing the answers, I hope that I am retaining because I i keep seeing the same questions over and over ... I really like the Green Saunders book as well as the Kaplan book. I hope to pass. ms. ref

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