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ArmyMarathonRunnerRN has 5 years experience and specializes in Critical Care.

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  1. ArmyMarathonRunnerRN

    CCRN Exam

    Get the Laura Gasparis CD's and listen to those. She is funny, interesting, and an awesome educator. You will never get bored listening to them! There are 8 CD's that come in the kit, and they are about an hour to an hour-and-a-half each, but she will keep your attention the whole time. I found that literally just about every topic she discusses is on the exam. Listen to her CD's, take a few practice questions just to get into the "test mode" and you'll ace the exam
  2. ArmyMarathonRunnerRN

    Passing CCRN - My Preparation

    The Laura Gasparis CD's make the test easy as pie. Literally just about all of the topics on the exam were straight from her CD's. She's really funny, too, so you won't be bored! Listen to her CD's, take some practice questions (just to get in the "test mode") and you'll ace the exam!
  3. ArmyMarathonRunnerRN

    Army Direct Commission FY12

    Congrats!! Glad to hear that you were selected as well!! I wonder how long it will be before we will get official word on assignment dates and locations. I won't be going to OBLC because I already attended for Reserves. My recruiter told me that I will more than likely report to my first duty station around March. In my packet, I listed Ft. Bragg, NC, as my first choice. I hope I get stationed there!! :) My second choice is Bethesda/Walter Reed and 3rd choice Ft. Campbell. Honestly though, I am willing to go whereever they need me. Where are you hoping to go? I still have a waiver that needs the final "stamp of approval" as well, but my recruiter assured me that I'm good-to-go. I was relieved to find out that I will come on as a Captain (I've been a CPT in the Reserves since April, but there was question as to whether I'd have to start off active duty as a 1LT). Are you coming on with a specialty identifier? I'm 66H8A (critical care). Hopefully we'll be working together one day (soon!) Blessings to you and Happy Thanksgiving!! :)
  4. ArmyMarathonRunnerRN

    Army Direct Commission FY12

    I got in!!!!!!!! :):) It's party time! Hopefully you've got a slot too! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!! :)
  5. ArmyMarathonRunnerRN

    Army Direct Commission FY12

    Hello everyone! I've been lurking this board for a while, and have finally decided to join in the discussion. :) I've been a nurse with the Dept of Veteran's Affairs since 2006. I worked one year on a med-surg floor and in 2007 transferred to SICU, where I've worked ever since. I commissioned into the Army Reserves in 2008, where I currently am a CPT and serve as Training OIC for my unit. I attended the Army's active duty Critical Care Nursing Course (CCNC) at Walter Reed this past year, where I graduated as Distinguished Honor Graduate in August. Being at the CCNC inspired me to want to be full-time active duty. Thus, I submitted a packet to the board. I was VERY surprised with just how much paperwork goes into the process of being released from the Reserves for Active Duty, on top of the already mounds of paperwork for the packet! Hopefully all of the time spent will pay off! :) Best of luck to everyone and hopefully we'll all be serving together soon! HOOAH!