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  1. Pearson Vue Trick

    Thank you :-) was not a fun test as you all know hahaha. And i didnt know about the credit card thing. I did just read, after I saw your post, that they make you do that now because they are sick of people getting free answers and not paying the wh...
  2. Pearson Vue Trick

    Ok let me please put this to a rest for you. I took my NCLEX Thursday April 2 2015 at 11am. That night my RN friend coned me into doing the trick to see if I passed or not because he could not take it any more. The website took me all the way to e...

    So I know this is probably a random request but I was wondering if anyone on here living in Suffolk County Long Island is interested in getting together for session to study to the NCLEX. It would be great to see who is learning what from different ...
  4. Hey I just took my NCLEX today and sadly the trick took me to my credit cared screen, however. ATI questions are nothing close to what I saw. I blew through all my ATI practice tests and scored pretty high in school on the mandatory proctored exams...
  5. Really, that is awesome, I have been waiting for Khan to finish that for a year now. I am glad I saw your post. I forgot all about this. Khan Academy actually helped me a lot with A&P, visual learning is such a big help with my studies.
  6. Another GPA Question

    I honestly do not know if this helps, but I had a friend that applied to nursing school with myself and when he was seeking assistance with GPA they wiped grades off his transcript that were non related to his major such as an F in Video Broadcasting...
  7. NCLEX Priority Order

    OK so, my NCLEX exam is coming up, and I feel pretty confident on it except for prioritizing steps. I can choose a priority patient and pick who to seem in an emergency or disaster. Lord give me strength when it comes to doing a process in order. ...
  8. failing RN school

    First, take a deep breath...ahhhhh :-) There is no failing, just maybe you are not ready at this moment in time. I do not know your current situation, or anything else that you may have distracting you. I had many problems in the beginning of nur...
  9. SCCC Fall 2011 Evening Ammerman Class

    I got my IM Subcut exam tomorrow are you guys in the day or evening program, im new on here just found it