Timothy Eagan LPN

Timothy Eagan LPN

MICU, SICU, ER, Nursing Home
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Timothy Eagan LPN specializes in MICU, SICU, ER, Nursing Home.

I have worked medical for about twenty years now as an EMT-b, CNA, and Critical Care Tech since 1993

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  1. How do I transfer my license?

    Thanks for that. I am getting ready to move to Colorado next year and was wondering the same thing. Boy with all the people moving there I hope I can still find a job? HeHeHe!
  2. Rough start....not coping at all.

    It's true the first year may be a bit trying but you will be amazed at what you get used to. When I first started, back in the 90's I was an EMT and Critical Care Tech working at Rush Presbyterian St Lukes Medical center in Chicago. Mainly I worked M...